Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Random July 365 Photo Challenge: Week 1

I'm beginning the second half of the 2013 photo challenge with quite a varied collection of shots. I cheated and used one from our Colorado trip two weeks ago. No one will know, right! Here's my week in pictures:

Put It On A Plate: I first saw directions for these cute rice krispy treats, painted like flags, on my daughter's blog, Homemade Ginger. These didn't last long at my house on the 4th of July!

Fireworks: Bee Balm always reminds me of fireworks exploding in the air. How fun is it that mine is usually blooming on Independence Day!

A Source of Happiness: Blacky, the tire-swing horse who lives under the tree in our backyard, is a favorite around here. Can you hear the giggles?

Whiskers: This wild cat, called a Serval, is not one of my pets, in case you wondered. The Cedar Cove volunteer that's petting him claimed he's as tame as a kitty, though! 

Remote Control: No explanation necessary.

A Contrast: The darkness of the window against the sun-bleached wood of this cabin is my favorite snapshot this week.

I Spy: As I was washing dishes at the kitchen sink, I noticed this little guy on the side of clay pot in the window. I'd left the plant outside, where it would get watered while I was away on vacation, and Mr. Snail decided to climb aboard!
As always, thanks for taking the time to look over my picture-a-day project. We're on the downhill now! I'm linking up with Cindy's Really Random Thursdays.


  1. Love the Bee Balm- don't have them here!

  2. These pics are just wonderful! What a fun project....keep going.

  3. I think contrast is my favorite this week, too. Great job!