Friday, April 5, 2013

Utility Quilting

When I first started making quilts, years ago, I was a hand quilter. Let's just say that, back then, machine quilting was not what it is today. Course, I only made a quilt here and there. Today, my daughter (who isn't a quilter, really) once referred to me as a quilt factory. Imagine that! Nope, I haven't had a hand quilting needle in my hand for a long time...till today, that is!
I have decided to add some big stitch quilt stitches to the 'mostly machine quilted' baby quilt that I'm making for my soon-to-arrive-grand baby (whose late by the way!).
There is a lot of negative space on this quilt that I want to fill with chevron quilting to match the piecework. Using the pieced zig-zags as a guide, I marked dots where the  points should be and am using my herra marker and a straight edge to create the line for  quilting.
The same technique was used to mark the machine quilting lines as well. (I'm finding that turning the quilt every few inches on my Bernina to make the chevron design is not a lot of fun! Fortunately, this is not a large project!) I wonder which will come first, the quilt or the baby?
 I've also worked hard to set all of my postage stamp blocks together and am happy to have the top ready to quilt! Here's a photo I snapped right before loading it onto my quilting frame. I wonder if I will have time to get it finished in time to count it on my first quarter of finishes? The deadline is Sunday at midnight!

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 Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I haven't hand-quilted much in my life. The one quilt that sticks out in my memory was one I did with button thread because it was denim and courduroy salvaged from clothes I'd worn out. Way too thick to even try to machine quilt. But that was years ago. I don't mind hand-sewing (hidden stitches, that is) but I get self-conscious when my stitches do show. I might try your tricks for getting it straight and even though. :-)

  2. This is such beautiful hand quilting, Carla! I used to do fine hand quilting but I am quite certain that I will never do that again. I love the look of utility quilting with perle cotton. And it goes so much faster.

  3. You hand quilting looks lovely! I will follow you on Blog-lovin' even if I do get updates twenty four hours later! Ugh!

  4. Love the postage stamp quilt!

    I thought about quilting zigzags on a twin bed quilt till I realised what a tussle that would be under my domestic machine!

  5. I hand quilted way back when too. Do you find it difficult to keep your quilting stitches big enough? We used to work so hard to get them small - old habits die hard!

  6. Beautiful hand stitches! How big are the squares in your postage stamp quilt?

  7. Carolyn's book is a great resource. I love big stitch on quilts...great effect and so fast to get them done :o)

  8. Love the big stitch quilting, especially in the yellow thread. You know I'm swooning over the postage stamp quilt!