Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 365 Photo Challenge: Week 3

Thanks for stopping by to view my week in photos as I seek to snap a picture every day in 2013. The photo prompts this week led me to books and the outdoors, both subjects that I enjoy.

April Showers One evening, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I happened to catch a glimpse of this beautiful painterly sky, thick with rain. Can you spot the moon?
Passed Down This family Bible is over one hundred years old, passed down from generations of my husband's family. I keep a gold ribbon tied around it for stability.
A Bow Serendipity!
Blooming I'm fortunate to live just a couple of minutes from one of the best garden nurseries in the Kansas City area. This time of year, it's a favorite spot of mine!
A Touch of Yellow Maelie spent a couple of days with me last week. She's growing up so fast...a fourth birthday this week!
On the Edge Pink hibiscus...freshly watered...summer soon. 
A Pile The books pile up on my bedside table no matter how hard I try to keep it from happening. No wonder I dream about quilts, huh?
Hope you are taking the time each day to notice the little things.

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  1. My favourite this week- the serendipitous bow! What a find! I love how it winds around and its rough texture! Happy snapping!

  2. Lovely photos -- that's quite a pile of inspiration! LOL

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  4. My books pile up too. I would have had no problem at all finding piles in my house to photograph. LOL. Love Serendipity! And the Bible. Cool story and cool photo!

  5. Lovely pictures, as usual. These are such a treat. I would have had a hard time coming up with a picture for April showers. I would have probably had to snap a picture in our shower. In April. So dry around here...

  6. I giggled at your pile of bed side books. I have some of them next to my bed too. Then I put them away, then gradually I get them out for a browse and they end up next to the bed again!

  7. I recently received an email from you saying that I am listed as a non reply can you tell me how to change this? Please respond to me email oldtisme@aol.com Thanks a bunch