Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March 365 Photo Challenge: Week 5

It's been a potpourri week of winter mixed with spring weather. The prompts help tell the story...

Color Easter egg shaped salt shakers brighten the window of a shop selling Polish pottery. 

Hunt With new snow on the ground this turkey must have thought it safe to not hide from hunters...Thanksgiving is a long way off!

Flowing  Within several days the snow quickly melted as the weather warmed filling our creek with much needed water.

Minimal Challenged to photograph something simple, this daffodil bud holds the promise of Spring and new beginnings.

Sweet Rest  I've actually put off this prompt for several weeks because I never could catch anything or anyone resting. Finally, Marble relaxed during her post at the window where she likes to keep watch over the bird feeders just outside. I don't know how sweet she is though...let's just say she doesn't get her girth from eating too much cat food!

Baskets Galvanized buckets planted with pansies make adorable baskets in my world.

Foolish Like an April Fool's joke, the Tractor Supply Store surrounded their baby chicks with fencing keeping sweet little girls from even thinking of petting a tiny bird! Too bad Lula and Jane can't read yet! (We went down the street to Orscheln's where the girls got to cuddle soft peeping chicks to their hearts' content!)
I'm learning new things about photography every week. Along with the daily prompts, Katrina always does a little bit of teaching. Anyone can join in the challenge at any time.
Why not join me?!

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  1. You are becoming a very accomplished photographer Carla! I love all your shots today! And I love that Lula and Jane can't read!! Marble is one big cat!!

  2. I love that your week is never complete w/out a couple grandbabies :) Your photos are consistently wonderful!

  3. What beautidul dresses/coats the girls are wearing. Love details on the back.


  4. I love the eggs and Foolish. Awesome photos!