Monday, April 15, 2013

Balm Sewing

Today, I spent an enjoyable few hours making my April blocks for The Mid-Century Modern Bee.
My favorite radio station was playing in the background as I sewed. When news about the  tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon filled the waves, I was glad that I had already chosen to use a text print inscribed with the US Pledge of Allegiance.
This little pink churn dash is probably my favorite of the four that I completed as I love all of the prints included. Isn't that little sewing machine just so cute!
The four six-inch blocks will be going to Carla in Canada. If you aren't familiar with her blog, Grace and Favour, be sure to visit but be prepared to stay awhile looking at all of her pretty quilts!
I also ran my Ambrosia quilt through the washer and dryer to get that crinkly look. It turned out just as cuddly as I had hoped that it would!
 One downside of not pre-washing my fabrics is seeing more shrinkage in the finished product... unless, like me, you like that look. Here's a photo of the quilt before washing. You can see that the quilting design stands out more on the top of the quilt.
Working with colorful fabrics is balm to me, especially on gloomy days like today. Join me in praying for those in Boston.


  1. It's amazing how much washing changes the look of a quilt, isn't it? We are not supposed to wash the quilts before the "Airing"; the founder of our group likes the pristine look. But my quilting teacher tells me quilts should be washed as soon as possible because it's our unseen sweat and body oils that cause a quilt to start to rot!

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with all in Boston today. I love your blocks - they are so lovely! You have some wonderful text prints in your stash!

  3. What pretty blocks, such nice fabrics and construction. And the Ambrosia looks nice all crinkly. It's just the thing to make lovely things to fill the world with goodness.

  4. Oh Carla. I was at work when I heard about Boston. So senseless. I caught my breath when I saw these on Flickr. Thank you so much and I can't wait to get mail! Blessings and yes I will be praying too.

  5. You have the prettiest stash of fabrics, especially those great neutral backgrounds. Carla will surely love the blocks you've made for her. As for the Boston thing... it just makes me so sad. How can ANYONE want to hurt a three year-old?! It all makes me feel so helpless, and also a bit grateful that I don't live in a major metropolitan area.

  6. Your "Carla" blocks are fabulous. Churn Dash is one of my favorite blocks. After I finish my current leader/enders quilt, I'm going to start a new with white squares! I just love yours.

  7. As I said on Flickr, I love these blocks! Well done. Thanks for sharing the washed quilt. I love the crinkly look!

    My brother lives in Boston. Very scary. Hard to take.

  8. I listened as well, while I sewed. Sometimes the only thing we can do is keep going and I find keeping my hands busy helps with these incredibly sad events.

    Love the quilt!

    Elizabeth E.

  9. I love these blocks, and the little bits of the Pledge of Allegiance fabric. "Balm sewing" indeed.