Friday, January 6, 2012


In January, blog friend, Andie, chooses a word for the year instead of a resolution.
That seems like a good idea, so I told her that I would have to 
think about it and try to come up with a word of my own.
SIMPLIFY  is something my husband and I have been talking a lot about lately.
It seems like a good theme word for 2012.
There's not better place to start than here.....
Uhhh.....ya. things have gotten a little out of control in the sewing room!
 It's a small room that I have to share with a bed, 
so things can get cramped pretty fast, If I'm not careful.
If you have followed Lollyquitz for awhile, you know that 
using my scraps is something that I love to do.
I throw scraps in a basket, and when it's full, I cut the pieces up into
usable squares and strips. The basket is full!
This method provides me with a ready source for
the Leader/Ender quilts that I am always working on.
I started a new one this week using a tutorial pattern mentioned by 
Jodi, who blogs at Pleasant Home
and is like minded in the scrap-using-department.
Check out her blog this month for loads of scrap-spiration!
Here's my first block for a Scrap Picnic Quilt.....
I started with a charm pack called "Dream On", by Urban Chicks,
 that I discovered in my sewing room purging. 
The charms  set the color scheme for pulling more squares.
Every where I look, I see fabric that needs put away...
Here are some fabrics that I pulled 3 years quite awhile ago to make a
cowboy themed quilt for my grand daughter. 
When her bedroom was re-decorated 
I realized that the quilt wasn't going to happen.
But, for some reason, I kept all of the fabrics together.
Soooooo......I was thinking, if any of you would like a jump start on such 
a quilt, perhaps you would like my fabrics.
There are 19 pieces in this stack. I'll send them to the first person
who correctly identifies my least favorite color. 
*contest is now closed*
(Just mention ONE color, 'kay!) Sound like fun?
Here's a hint: The color is a shade not just a basic color category, 
i.e. violet, not purple. Can you guess?
Make sure that I have access to your email address 
so that I can contact you, if you are the winner.
Have a great weekend.
I'm going to keep simplifying, so come back next week for more
gifts from my sewing room!
*We have a winner! Heidi from  Boys, Buttons and Butterflies has correctly 
guessed my least favorite color as magenta. Thanks for playing everyone!


  1. My guess is green. I don't think I see any green there

  2. I'm going to be doing the same this year. All of my rooms seem to look overstuffed! We became empty nesters in September and it really is time to get organized for the next phase of our lives.

  3. I am hopeless at guessing so will say cream. Thanks for the Leaders/Headers tip I never even thought of doing that but I will be from now on. Linda

  4. I'd guess beige or tan. I like the idea of simplifying. I also been working at organizing my stash and ironing and folding it. I'm amazed at how nice it looks all in neat little piles.

  5. Lime? Can we keep guessing? =)

    I have to say that the room where I sew has a huge cupboard closet and a bunk bed and a's an old dorm room. I know how you feel about tiny spaces...and I tend to use the bed to stick things on...but twice a year I have to find a place to hide everything, so they can use the room for a week during the Pastor's convention they have here. I'm always praying that whomever sleeps in that room doesn't touch my stuff! =) Sigh...what would I do if I couldn't sew over there...GO NUTZ! I hate messes...and if I had to see it in my little apartment, I wouldn't sew. =)

  6. Hmmmm, charcoal gray? Or... maroon?

  7. Why don't I KNOW the answer to this? Do I know? Have I just forgotten? (highly likely....)

    I think "simplify" is an awesome theme word. Mine is going to be something like "follow through," as in start a project and follow through to completion!

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  9. Mauve. I don't even like the word.

    I just threw way two bags of one would want it!

  10. Hello Carla is hard to tell what color identifies it but I play for the blue, a color that I think would look good

  11. about salmon? =)

  12. I'd guess olive green. But I do agree that Peach is yuck!


  13. One more time, because I just can't help it.


  14. Khaki!

    I love that scrap block - simple but effective.

  15. CARLA I'm intrigued is the light blue? (celeste)

  16. I am going to say lavender. Love your start on the picnic quilt! Great colors and fabrics! I am hoping to get a start on mine.

  17. Maroon? Good luck cleaning up, my bedroom is my sewing room. I try to keep it tidy :)

  18. I'm going to say tan. I don't think I've seen much of tan (or any brown for that matter) in your quilts.

  19. Sunshine yellow? I am terrible at guessing things like this...LOL...

  20. Ochre yellow-between that and chartreuse, can't find ANYTHING that coordinates! If I'm allowed a 2nd guess, I'll say...aqua. Some love it, some HATE it.
    Really cute bundle though! Too bad it wasn't needed any more.

  21. I'll take a stab at this...I have a couple cowboy wannabes around here...
    "Rust" is my guess :) Happy simplifying, Carla!

  22. Olive green? You can throw any and all fabric my way...