Friday, January 27, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday-- Partners

It's time again to interview another farmer's wife from the 1920's, and find out why she'd want her daughter to marry a farmer.  This week's wife is from Canadian County, Oklahoma and has a little different perspective than the wives in the past weeks.
 First off, she grew up on a farm but hated it. Secondly, I'm pretty sure that she and Mr. Farmer had some premarital counseling before they married because this lady wisely advises, "husband and wife need to come to an understanding, the first thing, that she needs new modern implements as well as he. Also, the 'chore' question should be settled early in the action." (Well said, my dear!)
 Mrs. J.R.F. loves music and even gave up a "promising musical future" to marry her man....but that doesn't mean she does anything she doesn't want to....and that includes milking cows. Nope. She told him she wouldn't and he doesn't expect it. I love it!  They are partners and respect each other's rights, she says. If every family operated this way,  I bet  there would be less broken dishes!
 Broken Dishes-Block #11

 Checkerboard-Block #19

I enjoyed making the blocks this week.; no Y seams anywhere-- just squares and triangles. They went together pretty painlessly, which made me really happy, as that hasn't been the case lately! Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mrs. Farmer's reason for wanting her daughter to marry a"would insure our grandchildren a splendid physical development"!
 Here are the last dozen sampler blocks that I've sewn. Aren't they cheerful looking!  Now, I'm heading over to Cindy's to see her pretty blocks in all solid fabrics. She always has clever comments about the letters and I'm positive that today will be no exception!


  1. "Splendid physical development" ???? LOL

    Your blocks are delightful!

  2. Your blocks are coming along! They look lovely.

  3. I thought the farmer's wife this week was awesome! You are right--get those major issues on the table early in the relationship--saves a lot of heartache and misunderstanding later on. Your blocks are great.

  4. I really should buy that book (or borrow it from the library; although I doubt my local would have it) to read all that wonderful information; not that I have any intention of ever making the blocks! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  5. Fantastic! I love Broken Dishes! All the blocks look so fun together :)

  6. Your blocks are fabulous! So bright and colourful!

  7. You've certainly got a sparkling quilt going here :) I spotted this book in our library, now that I am back in civilization, and immediately thought of you and Cindy :) I love that you are sharing, week by week! Thank you for that :)

  8. Just happened by your blog. Love your work, especially the colors you've chosen for Farmer's Wife!