Friday, January 20, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Brightest and Happiest Place on Earth

I thought I was in the brightest and happiest place on earth.....
but this week's Farmer's Wife, who hales from Oklahoma, would disagree, it seems. She claims  ..... "rural life, with its independence, its beauties and its improvement, make the farmer's home the brightest and happiest place on earth." The two blocks accompanying the letter are bright and cheerful, even if they both required inset seams....
 I used foundation piecing to make the Flower Pot block, something that was probably never even heard of in the home economic classes that Mrs. D. A. highly regards for the education of her daughters in "dignifying housekeeping."
 A rotary cutter and rulers make precision easier (and possible, in my case) in the sewing of the Garden Path block. I'm certain that flower gardens are included in the beauties this farmer's wife enjoyed. 
 Having majored  in home economics in college myself, (I don't think they even call it that any more!) I certainly understand the author's regard for the subject matter. Her opening sentence makes me smile though: "Home Economics have been put within the reach of every farm girl, so that even though a mother may be a poor cook and an indifferent housekeeper, her daughter needs not be." Now, that's a high recommendation!
Be sure to visit Cindy at Live A Colorful Life,  to see how her blocks came out using solid fabrics and read her take on the happiest place on earth.


  1. You will see that it wasn't a happy place for me this week, your blocks turned out really cute, I was so flustered I even forgot to link back here. Will take care of that shortly.

  2. Such a cute thing. The grandie, I mean, of course. Her smile is perfectly and innocently mischievous. That Garden Path block is great. I'll take a whole quilt made of those, please. Aren't you proud to be a "home economist"? Good for you!

  3. so Sweet! My girls used to have those straws...very fun! Love the blocks and that green floral fabric is fantastic!

  4. I just love these two blocks! The fabrics are perfect! The little one looks so sweet with her crazy straw! :-) Come by and visit my piece-fulness blog to see the Tucson Quilt Show!

  5. Your quilt is going to be beautiful..........but your granddaughter is so beautiful. Love that look on her precious face!! Like..."Ok, Lolly, that is enough pictures!" while secretly loving it!!

  6. I just love the happy fabrics you're using on your Farmer's Wife quilt. Mine is using the Lecien taupes and much more subdued. I hope I don't regret my choices.