Saturday, January 7, 2012

No Reply Bloggers

A while back, Karen, from Sew Many Ways, posted this great little tutorial about No Reply Bloggers. Every blog reader and commenter should take note. I always feel so badly when someone takes the time to leave me a comment and then I have no way to reply to them because of the settings they have on their blogger profile. At the start of this new year, why not take a moment to check yours, especially if you notice that you never hear back from me (or other bloggers) when you leave a comment. In the color contest that I have going from Friday, someone correctly guessed my least favorite color, however, since they are a No  Reply Blogger, sadly I can not contact them. Therefore, I hid their answer and I'm leaving the guessing open for another day. Try again if you want, everyone.
Click here to see if you are a No Reply Blogger.
That's all folks!
*someone has correctly guessed my least favorite color as magenta so the contest is now closed. Thanks*


  1. I'll guess pale yellow because I've just spent ten minutes trying to figure out if I'm no reply and I'm still clueless. If you don't respond I'll have to search again. You are fun to follow!

  2. Thanks so much for this post, Carla! I am embarrassed to say that I was a no-reply blogger. I had no idea until Debbie over at aquilterstable was kind enough to point out my settings to me. As a new blogger - and this may not be the case with every no-reply blogger - I had no clue about the settings. It takes nice folks like you, Debbie and Karen to help us no-reply bloggers. I'm glad to say that my settings have been updated:)

  3. Mustard!

    The Wordpress blogs get me - the owners of the blogs often write their reply on their blog comments page but I never go back so if they are talking to me, I'm missing it completely! I only discovered this by accident when I went to a friend's blog to check something!

  4. Chartreuse! A particular favorite of mine .... but not for everyone.