Monday, July 11, 2011

Sewing for Lula

Saturday was Lula's 3rd birthday.

She wanted a Strawberry Shortcake party. Did you notice the vintage "Strawberry Shortcake sheet turned tablecloth" in the picture above? So cute!!  I never knew there were so many Strawberry pink influenced toys until she started opening gifts! Lula was in heaven! Besides giving her a baby doll with hair (her other love)
 I made Lula a few gifts for her big day......pillowcase dresses for both Lula and her baby sister, using this tutorial and my favorite Sherbet Pips print, Swings.
 Lula's dress features the cream colored fabric with a light pink border around the bottom and blue doggies for the tie. The ties turned out to not be her favorite fashion statement, so after the third time of asking me to cut them off, we went up to the sewing room and got out the scissors. ( I don't think anyone noticed the raw edges!)
 Jane's dress is the opposite color scheme and she didn't seem to care about the length of the ties. 
 Lula's mommy even organized a craft for the children...decorating sunglasses. 
Lula was very intent on getting hers just how she wanted it. Red heads love to make things, I  think!!
A few months ago, I ran across a small piece of vintage looking Strawberry Shortcake fabric and I knew right away that it would make a cute dolly quilt for the new doll I was going to give Lula for her birthday.
 Molly tried it out before the party to make sure that it was just the right size.....
Having a summer birthday will certainly have it's perks through the years with many outdoor celebrations just like this one at Lolly and Grandad's house!
On Sunday, Lula wore the other gift that I made for her...this cute easy jumper made from Metro Market fabric by Robert Kauffman and Butterick #3772. It was a cinch to sew and looks so pretty with Lula's beautiful hair.
Now, I think I'll go rest up a bit, and maybe eat a strawberry!


  1. How adorable!Your granddaughter is so cute and looks great in your dress. It looks like everyone had a fun day!

  2. Red heads do like to make things! That is for sure. Very cute.

  3. She is adorable and Strawberry Shortcake is perfect for her! I wished so hard for at least one of my children to have my hair....not one red-head! Lucky Lula!

  4. You've been a busy sewing Lolly! Wow. I really like the dresses, even with the ties, and the doll quilt and tablecloth are great. Gosh, my daughter, who's now 34 was into Strawberry Shortcake! It's amazing to realize SS is still "in!" I have some old SS fabric, so you've convinced me to hang on to it!

    Your Lula, with her beautiful red hair, is just precious. Glad to see you had a fun time.

  5. How sweet! I love all the wonderful things you made for dear Lula! You got me dreaming about my new little grandbaby to be...All the creative possibilities!

  6. Precious times with the grandkids!! Everyone is so happy, especially the birthday girl! The pillowcase dresses are great. I made a lot of them last year and sent them to an orphanage in Africa. The little girls loved them!! Maren's birthday (3rd) is in August so I just might have to make her one!! Luv ya!

  7. What a beautiful post. Redheads sure are special! The party looked like so much fun.

  8. How fun! Strawberry Shortcake was my favorite growing up. Steve is a redhead so of course I have a fondness for redheads and their "sparkly" personalities!

    Jennifer :)

  9. You've been busy. Everything's adorable. Isn't it funny how Strawberry Shortcake is still fun? My 35 yr old daughter loved it as a child :). Makes me smile....

  10. CARLA!!!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I've been wanting to make one, and now Molly does, too. She saw a similar one for too many $$$'s. Can't wait to try it!! Yours turned out so, so cute!!