Friday, July 15, 2011

Farmer's Wife Friday-Progress Is Our Watchword

Century of Progress and Hovering Birds are the two blocks accompanying the farmer's wife's letter this week in the Farmer's Wife Quilt-along. The author, from Montcalm County, Michigan tries hard to convince her readers that "The farmer's wife does not have a monotonous life. Every year, every season, every month, every week, every day, every hour she has something different to think of, so her mind ought not get rusty."
 Apparently, she has been told that her city sisters have pity for her and she asks her fellow farmers' wives to straighten their backs, throw up their heads  and shout, "Don't pity me!"
 Lastly, she announces, "Progress is our watchword, so watch out, for we're going on as fast as we can. This world must be made safe for the farmer's wife. Let's-start-now!"
 In the same vein, I can attest to progress made on putting my blocks together a little more safely this week by, again trimming down larger half-square triangles for the one, and using paper-piecing techniques for the other.  Here's how I made my world safer for creating  the Century of Progress copy machine, rotary cutter and ruler, plus glue stick .......
 They all came together to make the 8 segments used to make up this block of odd shaped triangles.....
 Add in some strips of fabric in three contrasting colors and an altered color placement....
 Paper-pieced and joined together to create a block that went together relatively painlessly.
I hear the farmer's wife say, "We are no longer hayseeds. We are of some account now, so we are glad, glad, glad to work." Hopefully, like me, some of her work involved creating some fun quilt blocks like these! Cindy's blocks look fun as well....check them out!


  1. Carla, I love your fabrics used in your blocks. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Your piecing is really good! A skill I do not have! I really like your color selections, they are perfect.

  3. The blocks look fabulous! I hope the FWs had time to make quilt blocks too.

  4. Any woman (farmer or city) that quilts has more to think about than anyone else.

  5. I really love your blocks and the altered color placement. I have some questions about paper piecing but my Internet is down today. (thank you, Apple, for my iPhone!)

  6. love these blocks! the pink and green are so fantastic!

  7. You're making some gorgeous new old favorites. It's fun to see these designs translated into modern. Great!

  8. I started in on my Farmer's Wife quilt last fall, completed about 6 blocks and then other things in life got in the way. Just last week, one of my friends said she wanted to make the quilt and now you are posting about it. Fluke? I think not. Time to locate those blocks and get to work.