Friday, July 1, 2011

No Safer Road to Travel

It's Farmer's Wife Friday already! Please meet "Country Path" and "Sliver Lane" hanging out on one of my stepping stones leading to the deck. Aren't they pretty? In case you are keeping track, you are looking at a grand total of 75 pieces in these two six inch blocks!  Whew! These little guys are not for the faint of heart. I'm just sayin'!
 Still hoping to not actually use a template to create my blocks, I remembered a handy dandy ruler that I own that helped out in the piecing of tiny triangles: The Easy Angle Ruler.
 See those little guys around the outside edge of the block?
 By pairing two fabric strips, right sides together, I was able to cut out the triangles and sew them without much handling.
 I had to remember to sew them in two different matching sets for my pattern.
 I used  the folded corners method on the center square rather than cut and piece little triangles to a weird shaped center. Easy enough.
 I measured and cut all of the squares with my rotary cutter and ruler. Fortunately, this time my block came out almost perfect...there are a couple of little wobbles on the outside, but I'll never tell. I like the stronger contrast in my fabric choices this time around as well.
 My second block had some funky shaped pieces around the outside but by measuring carefully, I was able to cut them out of a long strip.
 It all came together fairly easily and I love the pink and aqua fabrics with the grey in the corners. My favorite part is that tiny center cute! I made it larger to begin with and then trimmed it down to the right size. 
 In answer to the question, "If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you, in light of your own experience, want her to marry a farmer?", Mrs. E.M.L of Furnas County, Nebraska answered "Yes." Here's part of her reasoning: "I know no safer road to travel through real living....It is the sense of safety, the assurance of food, shelter and drink, and the knowledge that work yields something definite, that gives happiness."
Around the age of eleven,  own story involves a road I remember well. It's the mile long hike to the bus stop from our house every morning and back in the afternoon. Even in the winter. And I lived to tell about it! I was the farmer's daughter.
Be sure to visit my friend, Cindy, at Live a Colorful Life today to see what these blocks look like in solid fabrics. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I am another farmer's daughter doing the same quilt - perhaps that's why the concept speaks to us! Love those colours which work together so well. I
    still at the easy block stage, but you are encouraging me!

    Pomona x

  2. This is really going to be an amazing quilt..carry on!
    I did not know you were a farmer's daughter! I love the quote.

  3. I love the fabrics you are using in your blocks. You are making great progress on your quilt.

  4. Being a farmer's daughter may have given you the courage to tackle those quilt squares. Lordy mercy, girl.... they look tough to do.

  5. haven't done such complicated ones but if mine are as good as yours I will be overjoyed

  6. I've just done the simple blocks without the templates or anything yet. Not sure I am as brave - or clever - as you to do some without the extra guidance. The blocks look great!

  7. These two are certainly pretty blocks. Lots of fussiness for you, choosing different prints, and all the cutting. The story behind them is interesting. Can't imagine that anyone would say "yes" to the question these days. Ahh, for the simplicity of that era...

  8. Your blocks look great and I am enjoying the methods you are using rather than templates (which I also try to avoid). So....we should talk about this earlier in the week so I could use some of the great techniques you are using, because I completely forgot about my Easy Angle Ruler!

  9. Love your blocks and the fabric choices! I'm amazed that you aren't using templates. You've got some skills!

    Jennifer :)

  10. Farmers, and farmers' daughters, are mighty resourceful. Beautiful blocks, Carla!