Wednesday, July 13, 2011

If It's In a Book.....

then it has to be correct. Right? Hmmm....does the color placement on this block look sort of strange to you?
It did to me, so I started playing around with the color of the shapes to see what it would look like if I changed a couple of them like this.......
 Using my handy dandy gridded paper and some new colored pencils that I just bought, I then created a little mock up of the what it would look like with 4 blocks set together in a quilt. My idea to change the lower center triangles to dark brown (above) seems to make a more logical repeat of the pattern as you can see in my drawing below. (The dark brown triangles are yellow in the drawing.)
 It makes sense to me, anyway, and I had fun playing around with my box of pencils. I just love this time of year when many stores are starting to stock up on new school supplies. Every year the notebooks and folders etc. get prettier than ever! Love them!! I'm sure I'll be buying myself some new folders in the next few weeks...can't help myself!
 Anywho, back to the block at hand.....I've picked some fabrics and am going to give it a try. Now to figure out how to do it without templates....
 I wonder if I could paper piece it.
Come back Friday to see my block and if I end up using templates!


  1. Love this time of year too with all the new stationary, it is something I'm sure I will never grow out of. Looking forward to seeing the block. I'm going to make the quilt with a friend, but we aren't going to start it until September.

  2. I like your design change. I went to the following website and saw some corrections:

  3. I didn't even THINK of going to the website for corrections. But when I made the block I wasn't close to a computer anyway. So the color placement seemed very weird to me, but I went with it anyway. Oh, well...

  4. I am so going to go out and buy some new colored pencils! Don't you love the smell of a new box of crayons? That looks like a very difficult block, kudos to you!

  5. I'm thinking paper piecing is the way to go on this one.

  6. I agree with you and Needled Mom~ I'll bet paper piecing is the way to go. And I also agree with the color placement-wierd.

    Good luck with this one!

  7. My mom is done with her 111 blocks. She did find errors throughout the book. I'm paper piecing all my 111 blocks as I not want the headache of the templates. Good luck!

  8. Stay strong, Carla! You can do it.