Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fitness Friday on Sunday 3

Gravel is not fun to walk on.  It gets in your shoes if you have the cute sandal-ie kind like I do. I like to use them for walking in the summer though, so I have to stop and empty my shoes at least once every time I go out.  Oh, well.  My toes keep air-conditioned that way!  This week I made my goal in Jacquie and Kate's exercise challenge, so I got to add 10 pieces of fabric to my Improv Road. Each block uses 3  pieces of fabric. 

Next week, I'll do a little tutorial on how I am making the blocks.  The materials I am using so far include: Maisey Check by Lucy Cousins, Bird Swing, Wee Play by Sand Klop, Ta Dot by Michael Miller, aqua Cobble Stone, Plume by Tula Pink, Wall Flower, Bicycles by Erin McMorris and an unknown grey polka dot.  My colors reflect the pavement and gravel I walk on along with  the sun shining in the blue sky overhead. There's been lots of sun....I need to add more yellow!!
Marble has been busy exercising with the binding for the Baby Munki quilt. I will sacrifice just about anything if it helps him in his mole catcher training!


  1. Marble is a doll and looking very much at home in your fabric.

  2. I really like the colors you are using in these blocks!

    Jennifer :)

  3. Oh boy. I need to get on it!