Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fitness Friday on Sunday


I've joined Jacquie and Kate in their efforts to encourage quilters to Improv(e) your Behind. (I don't let my grand daughter use the other word, so I better not either!) :) You can join the team in our journey across America.   Learn about it here. Fridays have been designated Fitness Fridays and a chance to post about our progress.....I forgot.  Not the best way to start!  But, I have put on my walking shoes. Yay! I reached my goal of 10 miles this week. Our team has logged almost 400 miles already! Part of the challenge involves a piece of fabric to represent each mile. I'll be  posting pictures of the project I have in mind for the fabric strips I'll be putting together.  Here's a picture of my inspiration.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on my celebration of 50 posts.  I got so hungry just reading about your favorite summer treats!  Here are the winners of the Hope Valley fabric. . . . .
First, the winner of four fat quarters, pictured above, is Joyce T. who shared that her favorite summer treat is "strawberry shortcake, no, wait, rhubarb pie, no, wait, blackberry cobbler, no, wait, sigh...."
Donna wins the charm pack of Hope Valley prints.  She loves to eat " raspberry sherbet in a waffle cone in the summer." Yum. Sounds so good! Donna and Joyce, please email me with your mailing addresses so I can get your prize to you. Congratulations!
Marble is growing fast!  He is still in training, of course. Haven and Maelie, my grand daughters, have been spending a lot to time trying to teach Marble how to catch moles.  But since we haven't actually SEEN any moles, just their dirt mounds all over my lawn, they have had to improvise on just what mole-catching might entail.
 Hopefully, Marble won't always want to be pushed around in a doll stroller when he finally is old enough to hunt for the real thing.  NO, Marble, that's not a mole, that's Maelie's apple! 
Maelie's attentive instruction is bound to pay off, I'm sure of it! you suppose he thinks that moles are long and skinny like that piece of yarn? Oh, dear....back to the classroom,  Marble!

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