Monday, April 5, 2010

A Pair of Boxers and a Give-Away

You decide.  Which one of these boxers is the cutest?  I'm going to give one of the pair away.  If you choose the dog, then you will have to wrestle her away from my granddaughter, Lula.  She will cry.  So, maybe you would rather have the men's boxers made from Liberty of London fabric.  I snagged them from Target recently. Remember this post?

My boxers were made from fabric with cute little cars.  I thought you might like to see how I cut up the underpants to make myself a couple of fat quarters of fabric (at least)  to add to my stash.

First thing to do is cut off the waist band. 
Maybe you can think of something to make out of it. I thought of a belt....add a D-ring perhaps. Let me know if you come up with something cute.

I used scissors to cut along the seams to dismantle the boxers.  That seemed quicker than using a rotary cutter.

Using  a seam ripper to remove the hem will only take about 6 minutes and will give you several more inches of fabric. Press the hem out once you "frog stitch"  (rippit, rippit....get it?)

A pair of boxers in shreds..........................

........can produce quite a bit of fabric!

Fold it up real pretty and tie the package with one of  the seams.  No one will ever know what "shop" you purchased your new fabric from!

Liberty of London..........ready for my next project!

                                           Wanna win a Pair of Boxers for yourself?
This is my tenth post so I want to celebrate by sending these cuties to one of you!  I've been on an aqua and green kick also recently, so if you are the winner,  I will also include a "custom charm  pack" of 20 different aquas and greens from my stash.  Who can resist free fabric?

To enter, leave me a commment telling me your current favorite color combination.
If you become a follower or are already a follower, I'll enter your name again.
Give-Away ends Friday, April 9 at 6 p.m. when Lula, the Random Selector, will draw a winner!
Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. My favorite color combination currently is blues and greens -- may I never get it out of my system. I am already a follower :)

  2. I love browns and blues together. Just became a follower.

  3. oh, tough choice - both boxers are cute!!
    my favorite color combo? it changes by the day, but currently purple and gray. i can't stop using it!

    Love those Liberty boxers - such great prints!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Wow! That is a clever way to add liberty to the fabric stash.

    I am currently liking greys with anything. My stash is pretty green and blue heavy. I was really enjoying some orange fabric the other day.

  5. Such a cute giveaway!
    Right now I am in love with clear, bright pastel colors, because it's Spring and because we have some new grandbabies due any day now so I'm working on those baby quilts!

  6. those liberty boxers are so cute! ive managed to stay out of target lately, so ive not picked up any of the LIberty stuff! im loving green and gray now. thanks for a chance at your boxers!

  7. My weakness for "smoosh-faced" dogs is only equal to my weakness for Liberty fabric. But I'll let you keep the dog. ;-) Thanks for the giveaway and for showing us how you cut up your new fabric!

  8. I love boxers (the dogs)! I had two growing up...

    I bought a pair of Liberty boxers at Target with the same intentions of cutting them up. And then my husband found them, loved them and is now wearing them in his boxer rotation. So I would love to win a pair of my own to create with! :)

    My favorite color combination right now is purple/yellow/gray. I have plans for a new quilt in these colors...

    Jennifer :)

  9. Oh, and I'm a follower now!

    Jennifer :)

  10. My current favorite color combo is aqua, lime, and pink. I think plum and gray are really growing on me though!

  11. So cute! I knew LoL was at Target but I didn't know there were boxers... off to see if buying them for the fabric is cost effective. My current favorite combination is brown and aqua.

  12. Thanks for such a clever give-away! I'm enjoying pink, lime, white and aqua right now. I'm signing up as a follower right now, too.

  13. Cute boxers (all of them!). I love all that Liberty stuff at Target. (Stopping by from the swap)

  14. I love aqua and browns, aqua and green, aqua and orange and aqua and red. I guess I am stuck on aqua lately. Thanks for the chance to win. You sure did get a lot of fabric from one pair of boxers thanks for showing how you did it.

  15. funny stuff! ~ my sister-in-law said she wanted to save her boys' boxers - to make a quilt -
    I wonder what ever happened to her project? ~
    my fav combo's? ... anything but PINK!
    anything with PURPLE!