Thursday, April 1, 2010

Award Winning!

Guess What!  I just got notified that my latest quilt has won an award!!

The fabric selection won special mention in the "wild safari" catagory.

Innovative piecing was given special notice.

Creative use of "spare parts" caught the judges' eyes.

Unusual use of many different fabrics, some quite out of date, was given two thumbs up............. kind of quilting green, you might say.

What's the award, you are wondering?  Well, of course, it's the annual
                                   UGLY QUILT AWARD, given every year on
                                                            April Fool's Day!!

Do you have one uglier?  Send me a picture, I'd love to see it.  All is not lost, though.......the daffodils are lovely and I just know that a young boy in Rwanda is going to LOVE getting a quilt with lots of safari prints and animals on it.  I'm counting on it!


  1. LOL. Great post -- you really pulled me in right till the end.

  2. Oliver keeps asking, "Why is it ugly? Why do they call it ugly???" I guess boys in the U.S. think it's pretty cool, too! :)