Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Selvage Pillow

Today I combined two of my latest favorites.............selvages and the X-Block.  Add some kitchy pom-pom fringe and a lovely Amy Butler Charm fabric and look what I dreamed up!  Love. Love. Love! 
 I've been saving selvages for a awhile now but didn't have any certain project in mind. Then one day, Jacquie showed up a KCMQG with a stunning selvage spiderweb quilt. I was smitten to say the least. So, that's been stewing in the back of my mind.

The X-Block quilt I have been working on is turning out to be one of my favorites.  I'm finishing up the binding now and will show you the completed quilt in a few days.  While I was petting the fun quilt this afternoon, a light-bulb went off and you're lookin' at the results!
Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has a great tutorial on how to make the X-block. Go here to get the instructions. I used these instructions with a little tweak that Sherri dreamed up to make the scrappy quilt I'm binding. 

Using old phone book pages as foundations, here is how I made the pillow block with selvage  pieces instead of scraps of fabric.
Starting in the middle of the paper lap two woven edges and top stitch.

Then, continue lapping the woven edge of a selvage piece over the cut edge of the previous piece and top stitch.  Work from both sides until the paper is filled.  Try to have your last piece on each end be fairly wide.

You will need four foundations to make a pillow. 

Trim the selvage filled paper to 3.5 X 10.5 inches.

Here's what it looks like on the back before trimming.  Remove the paper from all four strips.  The phone book pages come off quite easily.

Isn't this just the cutest thing?  So much to look at.............I love all the titles...Good folks..
Bird Swing..Plume...........     Oh, my!

After attaching the side strips according to Sherri's great tutorial, here's what I had.

I added the side triangles according to the directions and sewed the four blocks together to create an X. The Charm fabric was purchased on a clearance shelf several years ago......just waiting for the right project!  I already had the pom poms also...they were supposed to go on some curtains.  Oh, well
Wouldn't a matching quilt be awesome?!


  1. The pom-poms really "make" that pillow!!

  2. cute, cute, cute!!! i love a selvage!

  3. cute pillow! hmm, wonder how long it will take to collect all the selvages for a quilt - eek. would look awesome though.

  4. Adorable pillow!! Yes, do the quilt now. ;-) So, what you're telling me is that from now on I will actually be keeping the phone book when the men on the truck drop it on my porch? Instead of chasing them down the street and returning it? I think that's what you're telling me. ;-)

  5. I'm seriously in love! That x-block is cool anyways and then you make it out of selvages... :) The pom-poms make the pillow for sure!

    Jennifer :)

  6. Way too cool! I absolutely love this and your tutorial is great! Bring it to guild this month. I'd love to fondle it in person!

  7. Wow, we are kindred spirits! I love your selvage pillow and your asterisk blocks. Nice work! The pom-poms are perfect!

  8. This is awesome. What a great idea and you're using up every bit of fabric. I also love the pom-pom fringe as well as the pink wicker chair and the lovely fabric covering the pillow behind the quilted pillow....and the doggy! (Found your blog thru Cathy @ Cathy's Scrap Creations.)

  9. Love the blog, your photos are great. I'll try to remember to come back. On my way to KS today to visit Jacquie...can't wait!