Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 365 Photo Challenge: Week 1

There seems to be a little bit of a foot wear theme going in this week's photo collection...I decided to just go with it!

Where You Stand Daffodils are naturalized in the woods along the road to my house.

100 Maybe this tobacco barn is not 100 years old, but it sure looks like it. I just love old barns for some reason. (I think that this just might be my favorite photograph so far!)

Brand New One year old Lois looks so cute in her MaryJanes and brand new skirt.

Unlikely Pair Perhaps you are a bit surprised to see that I have a new pair of cowboy boots!

Unlike the United Kingdom, this stile is an unusual way to get over the fence in  rural Kansas.

Ears Everyday around sunset, deer are a common sight around our area. These two really perked up their ears as I was taking their picture. (It also could actually be some sort of animal that Dr. Doolittle would talk to!)

Pastel This gorgeous shade of mint green paint looks lovely on an ancient train engine, peeling or not.


  1. Again, another lovely set of photos....I think the pastel peeling paint is my favourite this week! Such contrast between the paint and the rust- colour and texture combined! It's wonderful to see some sign of Spring too, with the daffodils and deer!

  2. Fabulous photos. Those little feet in Mary Janes are too precious!

  3. More lovely photos -- you're doing really well with this challenge!

  4. Great pictures Ms. Photographer. Love those boots of yours, though I am surprised to see them on you. On the other hand, what else would a Colorado girl wear, right? Lois's chubby little legs look so sweet with that adorable skirt and just-perfect shoes. She's already a fashionista.

  5. Okay, it's a toss up between those chubby feet ( not yours ) and the barn! Fabulous

  6. Where is that train? Near by? Toddler feet, hands, fingers and toes--the best!