Friday, March 1, 2013

Making Burp Cloths

 It's snowing again. Soft feathers have been floating down all day.
Another good day for sewing, I've been using a package of diapers to make some cute burp cloths. Have I told you that grand baby number eight will soon be here? 
 You can probably tell from all the pink, that it's a girl! 
In case you need some quick baby gifts, I thought I'd show you how I made these simple burp cloths. I started with pre-folded diapers purchased from Target. 
 First, fold the sides of the diaper in to meet the two stitched lines that run perpendicular to the diaper. Zig zag along this stitching line to create a narrower cloth.
 I stitched from the top with colored thread and white in the bobbin. You can see that my stitching just catches the edge that is folded back. That's all there is to it!
 The real fun began when I got out my trims and scraps to decorate the ends of the cloths. I didn't even fold under the fabric, but just stitched close the edges. Then I covered the raw edges with rick rack or ribbon.
Adding rick rack to both ends adds a finishing touch and takes away some of the "diaper" look. The diapers are very absorbent, obviously, which is a necessity as we've learned from past experience. (At least for my daughter's babies!)
 I was wanting to make a dozen cloths but found, that like ice cream, the packaging might look the same but it's really smaller than it used to be.
 A dozen diapers is really only ten these days!
I'm getting excited about saying hello to my new grand daughter. Next up, is a new quilt to cuddle her in! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. what a good grandma you are! those are adorable.

  2. Very cute...too cute to use! #8.... how exciting!

  3. I made so any burp cloths my daughter said I had to stop. Yours are adorable!

  4. These are adorable. What a great gift these would make!

  5. Lucky you! I am hoping for lots of grandbabies ; )

  6. Thank you for inspiration. I know 2 women expecting and need to get busy making them some burp cloths.

  7. Eight grandies. And another girl to boot! How do you manage and keep up with all of them!? Your burp cloths are so cute - all baby girl things are way cuter than boy things - and such a thoughtful gift. Way to go wonder-Lolly!

  8. Wow that's quite a ghostly pic of the snow. I thought things would be getting warmer in your part of the world now? Having said that, summer is finishing with a kick here in South Australia. We're expecting low 30s celsius all week. I can't wait for autumn to take over! Those burp cloths are gorgeous! So pretty, kind of a shame to use them as such. We didn't really require them with our three luckily. Mine all hardly ever chucked, which is good coz it's always when you don't expect it!

  9. Those are the best kinds of burp cloths!