Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 365 Photo Challenge: Week 1

Unfortunately, there's little to nothing quilty about this week's picture prompts. The lap quilt laying on my ottoman in the background of the first photo is all that I have to show. My focus was on the beautiful outdoor venues that the snowy landscape had to offer! Here we go...

February 26:For the Love of Music Jane calls this music. I sometimes call it torture!

 February 27: Up Close and Personal Zooming in as close as I could on a single barb along an old wire fence, I was able to capture the beauty of the rusty metal against the starkness of a snowy background.

 February 28:From the Side My bird feeders offer up constant entertainment. This young female Downy Woodpecker is one of my favorites!

March 1:Whimsical This unusual mailbox has always fascinated me. I pass it often  and thought that it was made from an old tin can. While photographing it, I realized that it is actually a cement pipe! 

March 2:Upside Down Walking around my yard, looking for a reflection to photograph, I captured this one in the melted snow of a little bird bath.

March 3:Two The fence posts along a road near my house are each topped with a rock. This post has two balanced perfectly on it's noodle!

March 4:Landmark Most people would probably find a fine statue to photograph, but in my neck of the woods, this old wooden shed has undoubtedly stood for many years. White lights draw you to it in the winter landscape.
Thanks for taking the time to enjoy some bits of my snowy week!


  1. There is certainly plenty of snow around. And how lovely to see the birds too, even though it must be so cold!

  2. I like your picture of the barbed wire. It reminds me a lot of a picture/3D collage my sister made for Art in high school

  3. Your photographs are so clear, especially against the white, contrasting snow. The woodpecker photo is wonderful! How nice that you can regularly watch birds. Our area is too new to have many... ah, except for the huge flock - a hundred or so - of robins that migrated through a few weeks ago. They ate every lovely red holly berry off every single holly bush in the area. One moment there; a few moments later, picked clean. Birds are fun to watch.

  4. I love your photos! I have a downy woodpecker or two that love the suet feeder! And the barbed wire is striking. At first I thought it was a cross!

  5. I so enjoy your photographs, and especially your interpretations of the photo prompt.

  6. I'm finding it hard to pick one photo I like more than the other--they're all really great. That reflection in the birdbath is pretty cool though.

  7. Some lovely photos; oh so wintery! We are now in autumn (we change on the first of the month) but the sun is still warm and temperatures are still around 85°F!

  8. I love the barb and the fencepost. Really awesome.