Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 365 Photo Challenge: Week 4

Winter is lingering even though the calendar says it is officially Spring. This week's photos capture my attempt to brighten the days.

Play a Game Instead of playing outside in sunshine, indoor games keep little girls happy.

Plant Something With snow on the ground, the only planting I did this week was in my kitchen window sill.

Hiding Surprise! Last week's "branches" reveal the yellow flowers hiding within.

Nurture My favorite spot for nurturing my soul

Texture  A tiny bit of snow nestles in the stump of a recently cut tree in our yard.

Dyed With Easter just around the corner, coloring eggs was a fun activity with two of my grand daughters when they came for a visit.

A Pine Cone This wire basket by my front door still holds remnants of winter.
Have you also been longing for signs of spring as I have?

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  1. Loooonging for spring! My boys won't be home and my grandbabies won't be here either. Easter will be quiet. Sigh......
    Happy Waster to you ; )

  2. Lovely photos for the theme words! I love the temperatures of autumn but our run of over 90° with high humidity is getting a bit much!

  3. Love the texture in the wood and the pinecones too! Summer continues to linger here in Melbourne- 32 degrees C here today!! Hopefully the Spring and Autumn we are waiting for will arrive soon!

  4. Oh . . . I miss those days of little girls. We still color eggs for Easter even though our kids are now young adults. That's what happens in a house with artists. Happy Easter

  5. Our day is sunshiney outside so it's hard for me to think of you surrounded by snow. I love the forsythia (?) in your post--a sure sign that spring is on its way!

    Beautiful photos--great thoughts--
    Elizabeth E.

  6. I love the expression on the little girl's face in the first photo! I am wondering if it will ever warm up here. And I'm so sick of being cold.