Monday, June 6, 2011

Quilt Joplin

Over the weekend I gathered some fabrics from my stash to donate to a quilt guild in Joplin, Missouri. This philanthropic guild of 75 members lost all of their supplies and 80 completed charity quilts in the F-5 tornado that devastated so much of that city two weeks ago. In the dark corners of my closet, I also located several quilt tops to donate. I am actually very excited to be giving them life through this lovely guild. If you are interested in helping out, you can learn about their work and needs here. The leader's statement is memorable, "We help the needy, and now we are the needy!"
 These quilt tops have been hidden from view for so long, and it's really a shame. This completed lap size quilt even has the backing ready to just needs quilted and bound. I think I made it about 7 years ago in a class by Robin Askins. I've moved since then, and the colors just don't work for me anymore.
 Here's an even older one. The appliques are ironed on and they just need stitched around. It's a cute top, made in the country colors and style I used to favor.
A close up of the little penned prayer....
 Some of you may remember this Thimbleberries pattern and fabric. I actually led the making of this project as a mystery quilt and am embarrassed to say that I never finished it. Hopefully, it will bring some happiness in Joplin. I always liked the scalloped border.
 Now, this country house goes back to sometime in the 1990's when I attended a workshop by Fonz and Porter. I got to this point and lost interest for some reason. For someone who lost their house in the tornado, perhaps it will have special meaning.
 Last, but not least, I'm donating this hand pieced quilt top. It is in three sections. It wouldn't take much to get them together and into some one's hand for comfort. Can you guess how long this has been hanging over my head and hiding in the closet? If you say ten fifteen twenty years, you would be right! Yikes, how time flies!
My quilt guild here in Kansas City is going to be hand delivering supplies, tops and money donations to Joplin from our members. I'm hoping we bless their socks off!

In other quilty news, if you have ever sat around wondering how in the world Lollyquiltz got its name, this is your lucky day, my friends! I'm excited to be featured on the Name Game by Live A Colorful Life. Cindy did a little on line interview of me to find out all the inside info. It's riveting stuff, and you won't want to miss a word of it, so head on over! (Smile!)
Cindy has a wonderful blog...she's a fellow red head and we are making plans to meet in real life one of these days!


  1. I have so much fabric, so much more than I need, so I'm going to get some flat rate boxes and package it up for Joplin.

    And thanks for playing the Name Game!

  2. Oh! Your quilt tops are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with those in need! I especially like that last one that's hand pieced. WOW!

  3. Thank you for sharing... I'm sure I can pull some fabric and probably even a quilt top to send.

    It was fun seeing you over on Cindy's blog today!

    Jennifer :)

  4. You have some wonderful things to share. I'm popping over to find out about your name :)!

  5. THis is a win-win : You get to bless others and get clean closets! Now I'm gonna go find out what this name is all about...

  6. What a great idea, digging in our stash and seeing how we can help others. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  7. Carla, thanks for letting us know about this opportunity. I will gladly mail off some of my stash. :)