Friday, March 6, 2015

Pop Stars

The sun came out and the temps are warming. It is so exciting that I grabbed my latest finished quilt and went to the park for some photos.
 Because I did not add batting and backing to the muslin foundation pieced top, I love it from the back as well as the front!
The bright scrappy spider-web quilt will be used as a table cloth so I decided not to add batting to the already heavy top. It is long and narrow: 63"x105".
 The seams were top-stitched down from the back to keep everything nice and flat. I'm looking forward to picnicking on this cheerful table top!
 A black and white striped binding is one of my favorite finishes to a bright color scheme. This time I attached the binding to the back first and then machine stitched it down on the front.
 My friend, Vick,i and I worked on the web blocks together over the course of about a year. I showed you her quilt top here and will show case it again when she gets it all finished.
 The pattern for Pop Stars can be found in Material Obsession 2, by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Felke. I love so many quilts in that book!
 This type of finish would work great for a summer weight bed quilt also. I really want to use Pop Stars as a tablecloth?!
Either way, it won't be boring, that's for sure!


  1. This is really a beautiful finish. But I have to admit that I would never use something that took me a year to make as a table cloth. Between my two boys, and myself, there would be some unfortunate blob of somethig on it within the first two minutes. After that I don't think I could be consoled.

    Greetings from Germany,


  2. However you decide to use it, Popstars will always brings a smile to your face! it's gorgeous!

  3. that is just awesome. i love the back

  4. Beautiful quilt--I love how the colors pop...hugs, Julierose

  5. This is a great quilt, Carla! I can see your color preferences clearly - lots of reds and pinks - and I love the busyness of it. It's such a good idea to finish it as you did because it can clearly be used in a couple different ways. I bet it feels good to handle. Your pictures at the playground are perfect with the quilt. Glad you found a sunny day to take these good photos.

  6. Although my initial response is like that of Allison (I agree with her last sentence especially! Lol!), as bright and fun as this is, it's appearance will make any occasion more special, that's for sure! Enjoy! :)

  7. The back of this quilt is stunning!

  8. Hey Carla, it's wonderful! Such fun colours in there. Perfect to stimulate the appetite ; )

  9. Wow! That is the fanciest and prettiest picnicking tablecloth I have ever seen!

  10. Love this photo shoot with your bright and shining Pop Stars. I'm at the age where I'd use it for a tablecloth, too, as my husband and I aren't that messy. And aren't these all washable? Great idea not to use a batting or backing--it will fold up smaller into your picnic basket, too!