Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy National Quilting Day!

 What are you doing to celebrate National Quilting Day here in the USA?
I've been working on this....54 quilt entries from my guild into the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival this summer. After hours of pouring over the quilts, begging for more and using our superior math skills, Vicki and I have finally drawn up the schematics for hanging all of the quilts. We have made lots of lists, measured twice and are ready to turn everything in. Whew! It's going to be an awesome display...hope you can make it!
 My sewing machine has been collecting dust for the last month it seems like, but I have been making plans....
 Spring is finally why not start a new project!
 It's also time to begin a new leader/ender quilt so I've spent some time cutting squares and rectangles from my boxes of scraps and strips.
 I sewed up a few to get an idea of how it will look....glad I did because I've ended up deciding to tweak it a bit. I'll be gifting this scrappy quilt to one of my grand daughters when it's finished. It will be awhile!
 Another project on the horizon is turning these delightful confections into a quilt. The members of the Mid-Century Modern Bee baked up some yummy cakes for me in February. The last one arrived a week ago and I still need to add one made by me... I'm thinking maybe grape cake with lemon icing. We'll see. Ideas for some other fun additions to it are simmering in my brain too!
Happy National Quilting Day, America!


  1. Love the yummy cakes quilt idea. That should be pretty cute. I do love your scrappy quilt idea too.

  2. Holy cow! I was looking at my blue dot fabric exactly like yours and I have some charm packs of the Moda Figures sitting here. I guess our tastes must really overlap. Love the leader Ender project. I am working on Fading Charms from Weddingdressblues blog.

  3. You have me reaching for my copy of Kathy's book to see what you are making...... And of course, your cake quilt looks very tasty!

  4. fun things are on your horizon. I must start a leaders enders project too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I have that book, so I am off to take a peak at what you are up to.
    Love the cakes!

  6. I'm glad to see what you've been up to. Starting a new quilt sounds like fun! I wish I could do that, but I have too much guilt about the UFOs in my closet. And here I thought that dropping out of MCMB would give me more time to finish them. Ha! Your cakes are charming, and "grape cake with lemon icing" sounds intriguing. I'm trying to imagine what it would taste like!