Saturday, May 17, 2014


 Green: grass, leaf, limes, parakeet, spinach, moss, shamrock, 
dish, sherbet, hosta, cup, pillow, alligator, tree, chair,
emerald, fern, popcicle, mint, hydrangea, margarita, olive,
limeade, kiwi, book cover, tractor, sunglasses, pistachio, grasshopper,
zinnia, crayon, melon rind, lily pad, frog, jade, palm, lizard
 I'm playing 'catch up' with this project. I had planned to make this green block in March. The next color is Yellow...for April. Oops! Where does the time go?
Have a great weekend!


  1. These are such fun! I so look forward to ALL of them together!!!

  2. It's so fun to see the variety of fabrics within each of your blocks. I have lots of fabrics but somehow it's just not the same. More tone-on-tone colors, or Kaffe but not the type of variety you have. Haha . . . does that mean I can go fabric shopping?

  3. We only set ourselves these deadlines. If you are anything like me, it takes ages deciding which fabrics to include, right?

  4. I only said the same thing the other day..."where did May go?" Love the greens! Very Springlike!

  5. Pretty pretty! Time has been flying. It gets faster every year!

  6. Time just flies I know! We must be having fun. Beautiful blocks : )