Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Can Do Kandinsky!

Wassily Kandinsky is sometimes thought of as the father of abstract art. In much the same way that he carved his way into traditional art, modern quilters are finding respect within a traditional craft. (BTW, two of these prints are upside down...guess who's fault that was!)  

Take a look at all of these beautiful and creative quilts made by members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild in response to the recent Kandinsky Challenge. Quilters chose one of 9 different paintings as their inspiration to create a wallhanging size quilt using solid fabrics. Let's start with a group picture of the participants snapped at the end of a fun KCMQG meeting....
 *Warning*This is a photo heavy posting, but I wanted you to see each of the 26 quilts up close and personal. During the reveal, the guild members voted for their favorite in each catagory as well as for their overall favorite. The winners are pictured at the end of this post. Enjoy the show! 
Can you guess which painting was the inspiration for each quilt?

And here are the viewer's choice winners for each category represented. The quilt in the middle, made by Mary Kay Fosnacht, also easily won the overall Viewer's Choice Award.
(There are only 8 award winners because no one chose to use painting #3 as their inspiration.)
The KCMQG Kandinsky Challenge quilts will be on display during the Machine Quilter's Showcase, May 16-19, in Overland Park, Kansas. You won't want to miss this amazing collection if you are planning to attend the showcase! WOW!

(If you must know, prints 6 and 8 are upside down!) LOL


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for making the effort to post all of these fabulous quilts. What a great challenge! I love your quilt and the others too!@

  2. But they didn't pick yours!!!! I can't believe yours wasn't chosen as one of the best!! There are some amazing pieces of art in that group though!

  3. Yes you can! Amazing group with fantastic quilts - I think you all put a new meaning to the word Art Quilt.
    Thank you for bringing us along on this fantastic show and tell. Would love to be a part of this talented group!

  4. Thanks, Carla, for sharing! I can't wait to see them in person at MQS. Yours is wonderful!

  5. Thanks for all the pictures, Carla! You and Trisch really outdid yourselves with this challenge. I'm so glad I had the guts to do it!

  6. These are absolutely amazing, Carla! You were truly inspired to think up this challenge. The results are outstanding. Good for you to go to all the effort to plan and organize it - the trip-ups with nos. 6 and 8 are completely forgivable! I won't be one bit surprised to learn that other MQG chapters are copying this challenge. Excellent work! The only mistake I can see is that your quilt wasn't picked in the top eight. I would have voted for it.

  7. What fun to see them all together. I'd say it was a very successful challenge.

  8. These quilts are so amazing. I've never really seen a bunch of modern quilts like that before but they look beautiful, and definitely challenging.

    Amanda Rose

  9. What an of quilts!

  10. Thanks for leading this challenge & posting this - not only did I NOT YET get it ...uh,er Started ... but Life keeps getting in the way and i walked in the meeting as the last person sat down =0( ... did not get as much time as I *wanted* to 'OOH & AH' at break!
    This is one of my favorite challenges -
    I will finish mine ... it's on my bucket list!
    THANKS Lady!

  11. Truly an inspired challenge. Excited to see these quilts in person! And yours was definitely one of my favorites--it was amazing!

  12. Oh wow! Oh my! Aren't they brilliant?