Friday, April 20, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--The Joy of Achievement

The title of today's letter from a farm wife in Fulton County, Ohio Is The Joy of Achievement.
I'm certain that she was not thinking of quilt block assembly when she penned those words in her letter, but I find that they fittingly described my thoughts as I finished up the piecing of today's two 6.5 inch blocks. Let's just say that there were a fair number of tiny pieces floating around my sewing room! Whew, I'm glad to get those behind me....especially the one called Spider Legs. When I see a spider (There are many here in the country!) I've been known to shriek. I tried not to shriek when I saw the wobble around the edge of my block. I used paper-piecing to make this one, and it still came out a little off! Oh well, I'm sure that it will work out fine with the addition of sashing.
Spider Legs-Block #82
This wife believes that marriage to "a young farmer, educated, industrious, honest, congenial" is highly desirable, suggesting that if one "seeks your daughter's hand, straightway procure a minister, give them your blessing and be assured of their happiness."
She didn't add the word 'quickly', but it was inferred, I thought!
Wedding Ring-Block #101
Mrs. Farmer obviously loves her life, even admitting to forgetting that "there were times when the toil seemed hard and the years seemed long". Now, there is rejoicing  "in the New Day for the farmer and his wife. The future is brighter, the opportunity for service greater year by year." Going on to mention many advantages blooming in the farm community, the wife ends her letter: "countless other elements of progress are enriching farm life and assuring us that so far as these things may influence life, satisfaction for herself and service to others await the girl who would make the farm her home."
Be sure to stop by Cindy's blog, my Farmer's Wife blogging partner, to view her blocks in all solid fabrics and read her lively comments. She's had a lot of "Joy of Achievement" lately!


  1. those blocks are so beautiful! two of my favorites!

  2. Your blocks are so cute. And you sure have been getting creative with your photography each week. Me?Still just sticking 'em on the design wall. So boring...

  3. Always bright and cheerful!!! Though they be challenging!! What a cute little rose plate!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!!

  4. What a lovely setting for your beautiful blocks.

  5. Love the blue/white check combined with the yellow! The plate is sweet too!