Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Unexpected Gifts

It took Rudolph and the other reindeer an extra day to arrive at our house this year....
 but I don't think that it really mattered that much because the munchkins seemed pretty happy to extend the gift giving-and-getting for another day!
Then today, Santa brought a special present just for me. One that I wasn't expecting but ended up really needing at the last minute. It actually would have been nice to have gotten it on Christmas Eve as hubby and I were transferring all the perishables from our refrigerator into Coleman coolers filled with ice and sitting them out on the back deck, happy that the weather was hovering in the 30's.
Yep! My beautiful (ONLY!) four-and-a-half-year-old-French-door refrigerator decided on Christmas Eve to quit. It had been threatening to die for months and we'd been limping along, sans three visits from the repairman. Soooo.... last evening, after all the festivities, we went shopping  and bought a Side-By-Side, which Santa brought this morning (I think that guy was Santa, anyway...he had on a red vest). It was funny running to the deck for ingredients  every few minutes yesterday as we fixed brunch for the 15 of us. You just have to laugh! My mother had the same refrigerator for over forty years! It would seem that appliances should be getting better, not just prettier and fancier, don't you? Sigh. 

Well, anyway,  here's a lovely little gift that my friend, Linda, made for me...
 Isn't it the cutest thing? I'm going to keep my special gift cards in it. Thank you, Linda!
I had fun whipping up a few Dumplings for some special ladies last week. Have you been seeing them around the Internet? They are so cute, fun and easy to make....
 Each Dumpling takes only a bit of fabric and a fourteen inch zipper. Find the free tutorial by Keyka Lou here.
 I used some of my saved selvages for covering the inside seams.
 Using a few of of my new Pez prints, by American Jane, was a kick....
 ...and how fun to find fun companion prints for the insides...
as they were... 
Made With Love!


  1. Love your noodles! Where did you get the cute zipper pulls?
    You are so right about refrigerators! First one I got rid of after 20 years because it was avocado green. I've had 3 since then!

  2. Those kids are the cutest! Oh...we got a new fridge last year and I love it, although, mine was a lot older than yours. And they always break at the worst possible time! Love the pouches...I need to give that a try!

  3. Those dumplings are gorgeous! Love the fabrics :)
    Adorable munchkins!

  4. Four and a half years! That's awful! Our wedding present fridge died after 30 years and one house move; the "drink" fridge we got rid of a couple of years ago was over fifty years old (and had survived two moves). Our current fridge is just over four years old and hasn't given us a day of trouble! I'm glad to hear you were able to get a new one so quickly and that your Christmas plans went ahead smoothly despite using the back deck as your refrigerator!

  5. Your dumplings are gorgeous, Caela. I simply must make a few - though they won't be nearly as cute as yours with the extra special "Made with Love" dangles :-))

  6. You can be so very proud of your grandies. They're all cute! What a Christmas gift... a beast of a refrigerator. Well, I know you've been putting up with the old (new?) one for quite a while. Sorry, but it made me smile to imagine you running in and out of the house to a Coleman cooler for Christmas meal ingredients. It's probably one of the few times when you wish it was really cold outside! You're welcome for your little giftie, and thanks very much for my Dumpling. I love it!

  7. I now have another reason to make some of these dumplings! I have a stack of those charms which a fellow blogger sent me!! Yours are SO sweet!

  8. Your grandchildren look so adorable!
    Love the Pez fabric, did you add the charms or did they come with the zippers?

  9. Sweet Grandbabies!Sweet Dumplings!Lovely Frig! Happy New Year!

  10. Those pouches are so darling. I'll have to make me a few!

  11. Love the dumpling bags. Where did you get the zipper pulls? I really like them. and I feel your pain with the fridge. I too have a 4 year old fridge that has been repaired 4 different times. And now my old trusty washer is dieing and I really don't want to replace it with a these new HE types that will probably break down too.