Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Quilt Show

None of these are new....some are pretty old, in fact....but, I thought it might be kind of fun to do a little holiday celebrating with a  Christmas-themed quilt show today....
 Over the years, I've made several red and green quilts. This one is all from scraps...
This wreath might be the oldest one. I have it hanging on my house by my front door.
 This Christmas tree skirt was the first quilt that I ever machine quilted. 
 Here's one of my all time favorite quilts.....a fun non-traditional color scheme of white, red, pink, green and blue grey fabrics, all from my scrap tubs!
The colors were inspired by the wonderful backing fabric....
 I finished this last one in 2010. It's bright and cheerful....
 It hangs above my stairs during December and January...
when it's not on the fence, that is!


  1. Thanks for the great show! It's interesting to see the changes in your quilting style preferences over the years. The scrappy ones are definitely my favorites. Someday I'll have to make a Christmas quilt of my own!

  2. All beautiful! Thanks for the Christmas show!

  3. Great Christmas show!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Just lovely! I like the idea of adding to your collection over the years. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    ; )

  5. I really love those scrappy quilts, especially the one with extra colors added in. It works!

  6. Love the last one, hanging on the fence! Great use of dark and light prints! Thanks for the Christmas quilt show!

  7. I just love the one with the red, pink, green and blue grey pretty and what a good idea to pick your backing fabric first and then matching the colours to that! Genius!

  8. Such lovely quilts! Thanks for the beautiful show!

  9. The multi-coloured scrappy one is my favourite I think. They are all lovely.

  10. Thanks for the "show" - I love them all! I really love quilted tree skirts.
    I am curious if there is a pattern name for the last quilt- I think I have a room in the cabin that needs that quilt!