Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sack Boys

Do you know what a Sack Boy is?
 Neither do I.
 But, that didn't keep me from making one today.....
Actually, I made two...a tan one and a green one.
You see, my grandchildren have me wrapped tightly around their little fingers. 
And that means, that when Oliver and Ezra started  begging  asking me to
go into the boy-doll making business
 they pretty much knew that I would cave in and say "yes".
First, they had to get on the computer and show me what a Sack Boy looked like.
Then, they helped me find a free pattern. Oliver is 7. His brother is 4. 
Good grief.
You can find the tutorial here that we decided on.
 There sure were a bunch of little pieces!
I needed tweezers and cotton balls to stuff the silly things.
Truthfully, making dolls and stuffed animals has never been my favorite thing.
But, then, I'm wrapped around their little fingers. (Did I say that already?!)
I persevered. All. Day. Long. Pretty much.
In the end, these guys came out kinda cute.
(They remind me of The Gingerbread Man, but don't tell the boys that I said that.)
They both have birth defects: one a twisted belly and the other funky hands, 
but, that just makes them even more special.
And, what's a doll without clothes? 
Of course, they needed wardrobes.
I called Oliver to tell him the news that the Sack Boys were ready.
I'm sure if he could drive, he'd be here by now!


  1. I know the feeling! My Older Grandson is only 22 months old but has me completely wrapped around his little finger! He's just so cute!

  2. LOL!!! I have never heard of Sack Boys!!! I love the ninja outfits! Your youngest grandson looks just like you!!!

  3. Sack Boy/Girl is the little character from the Little Big World video games on play station. They are really cute games and your sack boys are really cute too! I love how you dressed them up!

  4. LOL! Who knew? I have never heard of them, but then again, I live under a rock and don't yet have adorable grandchildren wrapped around my finger to educate me in such matters. Love the masks - too cute! I have a question about an older quilt of yours - the Colorbox leader/ender quilt. Do you have a pattern or tutorial for it? It's on my list for the new year. Happy New Year to y'all!

  5. You are a wonderful grandmother! And the "boys" are pretty cute, too.

  6. Hilarious!! They are so cute, great costumes!! That's what Grandmas are for ;)

  7. Sew darned cute! I've never heard of sack boys, but they and your story are adorable. After being wrapped around a finger - little fingers, no less! - are you feeling like a corkscrew?

  8. Wow, I haven't heard the term Sack Boy (from the Little Big Planet video game) in a while. I guess my boys have outgrown that now.

    Thank god they don't read quilt blogs or I'd be in trouble right now and have to make some! Just know that you are now being hailed to their friends as the coolest Grandma ever!! I think that title is worth the work!