Friday, November 5, 2010

Holiday Exchange

Modern Quilt Guild night is always fun.  Last night was no exception, especially because I was accompanied by a great, invisible, blogging friend who is no longer invisible because I've met her in flesh so I know she's real. Oh, you know what I mean! Linda was in town. We met up for supper and drove to the meeting together. At least, I think we drove.  I was talking so much, that I don't actually remember that part.....and I was the one behind the wheel! Well, we made it there and back in one piece. (I think Linda did have to tell me once that the light was green and I could go now, but other than that......)
Linda had never been to a MQG meeting before...none in DesMoines, she says. Yet, anyway! Read about her experience here.

Guild members got a jump on gift giving with a holiday exchange last night.  Here's what was in the gift I brought....... (The fabric leaves were a hint to the contents.)
I've been sewing with Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush fabrics the last few days. They seemed perfect for a fall gift and since mug rugs are so popular right now I decided to try my hand at making one.  
 On the back, I used a scrap of Deb Strain's fall tree fabric. Short strips of Innocent Crush make up the narrow binding.

 The mug rug measures 7"x 9" and is just the right size to hold a cuppa and a snack! Now I want one for myself! It's a fast and easy project. 

The worst part of the gift  exchange was that we drew gifts by having to reveal our ages.  The oldest went first...the youngest last.  Well, I was almost the oldest...I drew second! The gift I chose was made by the youngest in my little exchange group. And it was a goody!! I'm so happy! Lauren, who is a actively marketing her own fun fabric designs on etsy and is hoping to  get picked up by a manufacturer, made this lovely bag . The striped fabric on the chair, used to wrap my gift, is a strike off that she picked up last weekend at the Quilt Market in Houston.  

I'll be using this bag for all kinds of things.  The Heather Bailey and Amy Butler fabrics are perfect for me....even if I was almost the oldest!


  1. That part about talking and driving and not remembering....that's me. I can't talk and do anything else at the same time...barely.

  2. Your pictures are so pretty! You really do a nice job styling them. And I sure wish I'd had a gift to swap so I could take home any one of the lovelies swapped in our group. Everyone made such nice things. Thanks for sharing a wonderful evening with me.

    Talking while driving? Who woulda thought that would happen?

  3. What an awesome the AB and Heather Bailey fabrics in that tote! So fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun meeting, Carla! Your mug rug is lovely - is that linen on the front? Lauren is very talented, and I have visited her etsy store some time ago. Best of luck to her, and how fun to win that lovely bag! It's nice to read how age is not an issue at your meetings. I would love to join you...
    ; )

  5. Carla, what fun!!! I love the bag, and I now feel soooo much better about my driving!!
    LOVE the Innocent Crush fabric. I think my girls would love it, too.
    Be well, sewing buddy.

  6. Your meetings sound great!! We might have to plan a trip to KC sometime!!