Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gypsy Caravan on the Yellow Brick Road

Have you ever made the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Terry Atkinson? I have, several times, actually. It is a fun quilt to make.  The trick is picking the right fabric combination....enough lights, mediums and darks to keep your eye moving around the quilt.  After making several versions, I've found that a key to success with this quilt is to make sure that you include some darks in the mix.  Since you don't know just exactly how the quilt will look until the very end, after you've cut up fat quarters into strips and sewn them together willy nilly, it's sort of a gamble!
 By far, my favorite rendition of this popular pattern is this one that I made five years ago using the, now extinct, Gypsy Caravan line of fabrics by the fabulous Amy Butler. Gypsy Caravan is probably my favorite line that she has designed.
My local quilt shop had just gotten the line in their store on the day that I walked in to choose fabrics for a wedding quilt for my daughter, Megan and her soon- to- be hubby, Reid.
I fell hook, line and sinker for these vintage modern fabrics!
I'm usually not into purple, but that shade is the clincher in this particular fabric combination.  Without it, everything would just blend together. 
This is one of those quilts that you can just stare at all day and never get tired of admiring the beautiful fabrics!  Unless, of course, you aren't a big fan of Amy Butler like I am, you can't get enough!
I asked my friend, Sherri Dolly, to quilt the wedding quilt with swirls and feathers using a variegated thread.  The curvy lines add lots of depth to the rectangle piecing. Sherri's quilting is so fabulous!
I pieced the back using A B fabric as well.  I worried that there might be a little too much pink in the back and border, but loved the fabrics so much that I went for it anyway. (My son-in-law can handle it; he's masculine enough, I decided!)
I've made this pattern using mostly Kaffe fabrics too. That's a quilt for another day, along with a Yellow Brick Road baby quilt using 30's fabric. Do I seem addicted there for awhile, maybe? Be careful if you decide to give this pattern a might be making more than one before it's all over!


  1. Great quilts Carla. I have grown to love AB too. Hav never seen the Gypsy line - our store never carried it. Or it was gone before I knew who AB was - LOL! I finished piecing an AB at quilt retreat. I'll post soon.

  2. Love, love, love that quilt! YBR is my go-to pattern and Amy Butler's fabrics are fabulous! One way that I mix up the YBR pattern is to put it on point. It looks really good and most people don't recognize it ;)

  3. wonderful quilt. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous, Carla! I've made the YBR pattern too, several times, but I don't think any of my versions (given away as gifts and to charity) are as pretty as yours. Well done!

  5. Beautiful! Those purple pieces really make the quilt, don't they. I don't think I knew about Amy Butler yet when she had that line. So sorry I missed it! I have that pattern waiting for the right fabric, so I appreciate your tip on fabric choice.

  6. SWOON! Gypsy Caravan was my initiation (or gateway drug) into the world of designer fabrics and Amy Butler. GC is also one of my all time favorite AB lines! Gorgeous!

  7. Wow. Oh Wow. What a beautiful quilt!

  8. It is a beautiful quilt, Carla! This line was out long before I had heard of AB. That is one of the important lessons learned about stashing. If you find something you like a lot, buy it while it is still available...
    Love the darker fabric in there, makes the eye move, just like you say. Please share your 2 other YBR quilts on the right occasion. It is so nice to see a pattern done in different palettes.
    ; )