Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Already!?

Can it really be? I really had to get my act together to finish these blocks in time to meet the deadline of mid-September! That's when the blocks for the 3rd quarter of the  Virtual 3X6 Sampler Bee are supposed to be mailed out. I'm just under the wire and plan to visit the post office tomorrow. Before they travel, though, I want to give you a peek.
Does anyone know the name of this block?  Let me know if you do! I must have changed my mind 3 times before finally deciding to make this fun block for my 6 virtual bee members.  Actually, I was walking through a LQS and looked up to see a quilt made using this type of whirligig.  I got out a piece of paper and sketched it. My blocks are smaller and have a border. Do you ever do this? Oh, dear, now I'm feeling like I cheated.  What do you think?

Well, anyway.  Here they are.  Out of the six other members, four chose orange as one of their colors. What are the chances, I ask you!  The other two said, "Surprise me!". What are the chances, I ask you!
                  Tami from Nebraska wanted gray, green and orange and loves modern fabrics.

Ellen from Georgia chose orange, white and aqua.

Melissa from California is making a quilt for her 21 year old brother-in-law and wanted blue, gray and orange.

Rachel loves fresh modern looks and chose orange, white and aqua.  Hopefully, this block isn't as crooked as it looks in the picture! Ewww....

Jill, who likes bright happy fabrics and patterns was one of the "Surprise Me" gals. Can't get brighter or happier than red!

The other "Surprise Me" block goes to Michelle in California who is collecting blocks with a gender-neutral or boyish bent for making up some baby quilts to add to her stash. These owls are one of my favorite fabrics from the last year!

Well, that's what I've been up to.  That, and making another lap quilt to send to New Hope Homes in Rwanda.  I'll show you that soon.  It's a real stash buster  pattern!

In other important news...................
                                                                    HE'S A SHE!!!!!!!
                                               (Good thing we didn't name him, I mean her, Ralph!)


  1. Is the kitten just gray and white or do I see a bit of orannge around her eye? If there is orange she would have much better odds of being a female. Love all the blocks, but the red is my favorite.

  2. Your blocks are gorgeous with beautiful fabric choices! Love that Gray and yellow combination!

  3. Love all the blocks and the picture of your cat is just precious!

  4. I don't know the name of this block, but I was trying to do something very similar last week (without the thin sliver at the end of the rectangle). I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to get all the pieces together! So, I gave up and tried a different design.

  5. lovely blocks! and i once had a cat named Arthur who suddenly got very very fat...and then had kittens. at least Marble is a non-gender specific name!

  6. These blocks are great! But, I've never seen this design before. You have such a nice, funky assortment of prints. I'm sure everyone receiving a block will love it.

    I searched Barbara Brachman's "Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns" and couldn't find this one! The closest one to it - it's missing all four of the narrow strips - is called "Bright Hopes."

  7. I have never seen the block before but find it a very interesting one.

  8. Love the blocks and the kitty is cute.

  9. Mary P said...

    Can you please do a tutorial regarding this
    block. I think your choice of fabric and
    color combinations is perfect.