Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seven Things

Somebody thinks I'm versatile! That's got to be a good thing, right....being able to do many things? Hmmmm......I wonder if that includes starting new projects before finishing the old ones? Well, of course it does!! That's got to be why Linda from Flourishing Palms nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award.  I'm honored and promise to CONTINUE having many projects going at the same time!!! Along with the badge of honor came a request to reveal seven little known facts to my lovely readers.  Only seven!!? Here goes......
                              Top 7 Little Known Facts About Lollyquiltz:
                                           (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)
   1.  I made my own prom dress during Home Ec. Class in high school. It was turquoise. ( I still have it!)
   2.  I have a degree in Home Economics Education but never taught school. Unless, substitute teaching counts, that is. 
   3.  I'm allergic to Sunbonnet Sue and fuchsia but not poison ivy.
   4.  I piece almost every quilt in grey, tan or white thread no matter what color the fabric.
   5.  I once had an orange sewing machine. My mother and husband gave it to me when I graduated from college. My daughter is still mad at me for giving it to my LQS when it quit working. For free.  They fixed it! 
   6.  My oldest UFO is the first quilt I ever made (before taking lessons). I was so dumb. I sewed rick rack onto a big piece of white fabric to create the squares and then machine appliqued pictures from a coloring book onto the white space. It was for my first born child. He's 33! (Beat that!?)
   7.  I once cut off part of my index finger with my rotary cutter! Seven stitches. It is still numb! Be careful!!!
I'd like to pass the Versatile Blogger Award to a few other bloggers who seems to be able to do many things (including become a new pattern designer!): Jennifer of That Girl....That Quilt, Joan from Wishes, True and Kind, Beth from Love Laugh Quilt, Megan from homemade ginger, and Kodie of cheepmomma.
I'm looking forward to learning seven things I didn't know about these gals!!

My fall decorating included throwing this quilt onto my dining table. Isn't the Baptist Fan quilting so awesome? I wish I could say that I quilted it myself, but I'm just not that versatile I guess!!


  1. Come on! You have to show us a picture of your oldest UFO! I'm in total fascination!

  2. This stuff is a blast! You're such an expressive writer. It's fun reading.

    Oh how I'd like to see a picture of that orange (really?) sewing machine. And it's funny that I'm allergic to Sunbonnet Sue too! Could it be her perfume?

  3. It cracks me up that you're allergic to Sunbonnet Sue! That was a fun read -- you ARE very versatile!