Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Patriotic Road

My brother and sister, who have both done a bit of genealogical research, tell me that members of my family fought in the Revolutionary War. Some fought (on both sides) in the Civil War as well. My father was a soldier in World War II. When I made this quilt and named it Patriotic Road, it was as sort of a tribute to the blood shed by my own family members to ensure my freedom.  I am deeply grateful.

Yesterday's post was sort of an experiment with using flickr as a source for uploading pictures to my blog.  I'm not sure the the experiment had a very successful result,
 but then again, it may have just been the fault of the experimenter herself, who doesn't really know what she is doing most of the time!

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about this scrappy red, white and blue quilt.  

The quilt is my rendition of Bonnie Hunter's 3rd on-line mystery quilt, Tobacco Road, which I finished last October. (It sat for awhile before I actually quilted it.)

As you can see, there are many small pieces in this pattern. The color scheme evolved from my desire to use up many of the reds lurking in the depths of my scrap boxes even though I did not know how the final quilt would look.

Since Bonnie's patterns always involve strip piecing techniques , it was not really as labor intensive as it looks. Using the red bricks  to separate the pinwheels and squares was a "new-to-me" design and required concentration when it came time to lay the parts out on the design wall (tablecloth). When I finally got around to the actual quilting I decided to try to stitch a sort of"stars and stripes" effect. 

A fellow mystery quilter noticed my patriotic color scheme from a photo I posted on the Quiltville website and mailed me fq's of "democrat" and "republican" fabric for the back! Add leftover pinwheels and four patches, star backing  fabric and striped binding to the mix and you've got one Patriotic Road! The original pattern was for a bed sized quilt, but I ended up making a wall hanging size so still have more pinwheels and squares in my "parts" drawer.  Believe me, I'll use them sometime, somewhere!
             I photographed the quilt on a wagon wheel used by my great grandfather. 


  1. My favorite thing about this quilt is the stars and stripes quilting you did. Great job!

  2. Oh Carla!! You did such a wonderful job with Old Tobacco Road! Someone sent me a link and said I had to come see, and I can't tell you enough how seeing this quilt today has MADE my day!

    In Stitches,
    Bonnie K Hunter

  3. BEAUTIFUL! That's all I can say...
    ; )