Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Deb's Eye Candy!

Deb is a school nurse who loves to quilt with some of her friends.  It's been fun to get to know her during our Quilts4Hope sewing days, creating quilts to send to Rwanda.  Deb was able to finish two bright and colorful quilts that I know the children are going to adore.  Working with scraps she had on hand (some from her grandmother) and some lively additions, she not only pieced the quilts but machine quilted them as well, using her friend's Pfaff with a built in walking foot. These are her first attempts at machine quilting....how sweet of her to share the great results with kids she's never met!  Take a look at these fun creations.................
 I love the way she added the solid orange squares among the bars to make a place for your eyes to land.  The bright colors are bordered in a dark blue which frames everything well.

When I look at this quilt I think of Starburst candy, don't you?

Can you even believe that she tackled an Ocean Waves pattern for donation?
I love it when quilters do their best work for someone in need! I'm such a believer in that.
I keep imagining a child's eyes just lighting up when they receive this colorful quilt!

Somebody else's eyes are looking  pretty bright as well! Sorry, it's not a horse blanket, Blackie!


  1. Thank you for sharing these colorful quilts. Love the simple and clever layout of the string quilt, would like to try this out sometime...
    ; )

  2. Great quilts, once again it shows how fabulous a simple design can be.

  3. They are so beautiful! She did a wonderful job and even better, they are for someone in need.

    Jennifer :)

  4. These quilts are beautiful -- I've really enjoyed seeing all of your different posts with these charity quilts in them!