Monday, June 28, 2010

Orange they great?

I have one friend who tells me that orange is her favorite color.  Another swears she hates the color.  My sister gravitates toward any shade of the color so much that I practically associate peach with her name! I know how this Baltimore Oriole likes the orange I put out for him to eat everyday. Well, no matter what your opinion of the 'not to be ignored' color, I'm sure you will agree that these last two quilts for New Hope Homes are lovely indeed!
Vicki and her 11 year old daughter, Kayla, worked together on this winner!  Vicki is a fairly new quilter and this was her first attempt at paper-piecing.  The butterflies are so incredible  and her color combination of chocolate, aqua and yellow-orange is striking. This is also Vicki's first attempt at machine quilting and what a fabulous job she did.  The binding was sewn together by Kayla from short scraps leftover from the blocks.  C-U-T-E! I'd say Vicki has another budding quilter living under her roof!
Lula even wore her orange crocs to help me get a picture of this modern sampler made by Joni. There are some fabulous fabrics in this quilt in corals, brown, sage, teal and gold.  The backing fabric of birds and nests is very, very wonderful. 

I've had fun photographing each and every quilt going to the children at the orphanage.  What a privilege it has been to spend time sewing with these quilting buddies.  I wish that I could hop on the plane and hand deliver the quilts to the kids along with a hug. Instead, I'll say a prayer for them and hope that they feel loved when they wrap themselves in these gifts.


  1. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the creativity that you and your friends have shown in making these quilts for such a great cause! Each of them are a true work of art and I know that they'll be well-loved. :)

  2. You're so right about orange. Love it or hate it, it will not be ignored.

  3. I lean towards liking orange and my daughter LOVES it. This has been such a fun process to watch; thank you for documenting it and sharing it with us!

    Jennifer :)

  4. I love all the quilts and you are a great blogger. As for orange, it is Wyatt's favorite color. love you quilt queen, beverly