Thursday, October 2, 2014

Royals Baseball and Other Random Stuff

Unless you live in Kansas City, you may not realize that The KC Royals baseball team has waited 29 long years for our turn to be in the playoffs. It's been a wild week for sports fans here in KC. I'm even dressing the part of a fan today! Let's Go Royals!
In between sports TV, I've been sewing a little. Here's the Union Jack that Mary asked us to make for her Mid-Century Modern Bee block this month. The tutorial is found on the Molli Sparkles blog. 
In case you've wondered, I've gotten out my own MCM blocks and started working on them again adding an 18 inch churn dash and three 12 inch ones to the mountain of six inch blocks. I'm hoping to start putting them all together this weekend.
Linda is part of the Mid-Century Modern Bee as well. She and I had fun meeting up last week at one of Kansas City's newest quilt shops, Modern Maker. We piled up our purchases and took a photo. It will be a favorite shopping spot from now on!
Another special friend, Irene, celebrated her 102nd birthday last week. Irene was my mother-in-law's best friend and a lovely lady. My sister-in-law, Kay, and I had such a sweet time visiting with her in her home. Isn't she darling... I want to be like her when I grow up!
Last month, my husband and I vacationed in northern California. We ran across this great idea in a tiny costal town. I love it!

We stopped for a burger in this fun pub. Do you wonder, as we did, how they get all those bills onto the ceiling? 
That's one way of hanging on to your money!


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  2. Go Royals!! I'm a Twins fan, but lived in KC for a while, so consider the Royals my "other" team. Hope they go all the way!

  3. Go Royals! I'm a MN Twins gal, but lived in KC for s

  4. So, tell us- HOW did they get those bills on the ceiling?!! I am very excited to think you are putting together your churn dash blocks! That is going to be such fun! Irene was born in the same year as my father! Many happy returns, Irene!

  5. I am so thrilled that KC is doing so well. Finally something to watch on TV at night, not so much for me but my husband. We are near by in NE and so this is almost as exciting as for you.
    Love the look of that shop and all those solids behind you in there. wow! I am having trouble finding what I want and always have to rely on online shopping and you don't always get what you think. Looks like you know how to have fun.! Love the blocks you are working on too by the way!

  6. All sorts of adventures! Love those churndash squares. The union jack turned out very well. Good question as far as the bill go. Was the food good? Keep on sewing on!

  7. Go Royals! I remember 1985 like it was yesterday. Glad the boys in blue are back in post season play! Love your union jack. I am wanting to make one of those. Maybe that can be my over the winter project. Can't wait to see your churn dash done.

  8. I can't wait to see your churn dash quilt! I was catching up in your recent blog posts and the verse from Timothy was just what I needed. Thanks!

  9. So much fun random-ness! Aaron, the most avid baseball fan, had ordered bunting to put on his garage, along with a big Dodger logo in the center. Now that they are out of the running, he replaced it with KC Royals--Christa was born in KC so she is a Royals fan all the way.