Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Classy Cargo Dress Pattern Review

As soon as I laid eyes on this pattern, I knew immediately that I had to have it. Olive Ann Designs is a new pattern line to me and one that I'll be looking out for in the future because it was so well done.
 The pattern packet contains tissue patterns with size marking from sizes 2 through 10 and even a size for an 18" doll. I made the size 6 for Lula. The fabric is called Littlest, by Art Gallery Fabrics, if you are wondering.
 My favorite part is the pocket detail. I added the bias edging to the pleated cargo pocket, but it would be cute without it as well. My one suggestion for improving the pattern would be to add interfacing to the buttoned front and neckline. I just automatically always add this important step when garment sewing to give more body and a professional look.
 The back is designed with a kick pleat and belt loop. I found the directions and photos to be well done for the most part, especially for anyone who has some garment sewing experience. The elastic belt was very easy to make and a creative alternative to the sashed belt featured on the front of the pattern.
 The dress design is so perfect for Lula's slender body type. Since the style is a bit grown up,  I'm not sure it would be as cute in the size two, but maybe with different fabric it would be great for younger girls. Lula loved the dress and so did her mommy...which is very important!
With leggings and a tee, it's perfect for a fall day at school.


  1. What a delightful dress Carla! Lula looks quite the young lady in it! All those details make it a really unique and fun outfit!

  2. oh! What a super dress...and a beautiful model. ;)

  3. Beautiful dress and loved reading about all the details. You are quite the sewist, and a fabulous grandma to make it for her as well. Terrific little model, too!

  4. I love to see all the sweet dresses you make for all your girls! You do such a nice job of it, and pick all the cutest fabrics!!!!

  5. So darned cute! Is this the fabric you bought when we shopped together? That border print is wonderful. I think you're having way more fun as a garment-sew-er, than as a quilter. Is that true?

  6. It is all in the pocket detail and fabric choice. Great use of a border print! Lovely.