Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Fun

A beautiful sunny day, after several rainy ones, brought many visitors to the local Arboratum where the Blue Valley Quilters Guild hung their colorful quilts today. Traditional and modern designs draped side by side added extra delight  to the already gorgeous surroundings. 
 Tickets were being sold for this colorful batik quilt.
 As a member of this prolific guild, I had the pleasure of participating in a "Bed Turning", displaying and talking about a dozen of my scrappy quilts. That was fun!
 Something else that was fun: Watching my first Greek Olympics! Here's my favorite Olympian....
 I believe that the gladiator horse race may have been her best event!
Hope you are enjoying a fun weekend, as well!


  1. How wonderful to be involved in a quilt show like that! It looks like you had fun!

  2. What a great picture of all the quilts on the fence. Outdoor shows are the best. Have a blessed Sunday

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful day for enjoying that much eye candy! Who cleaned up after those horses in that arena?

  4. Looks like a lovely day and location for a quilt show. And a fun horse race too. I remember those fun days of elementary school activities. So long ago.

  5. What a relief that the weather was good for the quilt show! I'm so glad it was nice, and it's apparent from the photos that it was a worthwhile show to see. I'm sure everyone loved seeing your scrappy quilts bed-turning. Seems you had quite the full day, what with the Olympics too!

  6. I thought the ancient Greeks competed in the nude! Perhaps not the best idea these days, but ...

  7. What fun, it looked like a beautiful day.