Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 365 Photo Challenge: Week 3

Snapshots from Valentine's week at Lolly's house...

February 12: Nap  Marble loves to find a spot in the sun, even if she has to share it.

February 13: A Tree  There was so little color in my hawthorne tree picture that I decided to make it a black and white photo which really sharpened the image. I wonder who lives here, don't you!

February 14: Love  My favorite love notes these days are the ones that I receive from my grand children. (I'm not really sure who the hairy guy is though!) 

February 15: Entertain  My valentine sent me a dozen red roses. They set the stage for our romantic dinner for two. 

February 16: Pride  Number 16 has worked so hard during his first year as a basketball player!

February 17: Color From The Garden  The only colors in my garden this time of the year are the ones in my imagination! 

February 18: A Favorite Snack  Sigh.


  1. I'm guessing the hairy guy is not you! Marble looks like a very contented cat!

  2. A very good post -- love the artwork! I save ALL my grands' art and notes they give me, they go in my "treasure box" and sometimes on the fridge door too. :)

  3. Lovely pictures, especially the roses on the table. The soft fuzziness around it makes it look dreamy... ah, romantic. Roses and dinner for Valentine's Day, huh? I spent the day without hubby, at Universal Studios. Seems pretty unromantic and a little sad, doesn't it? Those dark chocolate almonds look to-die for. I bet they taste just that good!