Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 365 Photo Challenge: Week 2

This week's prompts were difficult for me. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I was under the weather with the 'creepy crud' for a few days. I almost bailed, but today gathered together some photos. (I hope that you won't mind looking at some lovely grandchildren!)

February 5:Backlit  A pretty find from an antique store in my favorite color.
 February 6:Use Your Senses  The look in Lula's eyes reflects her enjoyment.

February 7:More Than One  I adore the buttons on my chair.

February 8:Through The Looking Glass  I managed to capture a picture of myself without you seeing the camera in my hand. I'm getting ready to paint this room a lighter, prettier green.

February 9:In The Garage  Uhhh....this happens A LOT, especially in the winter when I've just parked the car and the hood is nice and warm. Marble is such a good mouser that we just ignore the paw prints.

February 10:Celebrate  Brothers with birthdays only four days apart share a cake every year. This one looks like it's on fire!

February 11:Emotion  Lois is almost always happy.


  1. Awwww....your grandkids are adorable! Wonderful photos, glad you pulled through the "creepy crud"

  2. Love all the pictures! As a grandma myself, I find much of my life centers on the grands and I am not apologetic, nor should you be.

  3. That photo of yourself is very clever! I wonder how long the older boy will be happy to share a cake?

  4. I think you did a great job of capturing your challenge photos. Love that picture of you! You're so pretty! Cute grandies too. Looks like you've got it good, except for that darned creepy crud.

  5. What a wonderful set of photos again this week. Lois is just beautiful. Hope you are feeling back to normal.

  6. All your photos are just great. I love the ones of the kids. And the one of you! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. If this is what you can do when you have the crud.....it's no wonder you do such amazing work when you're feeling well!