Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whatsup Wednesday

Here's what I've been up to over the last few days...It seems, sometimes, that the only thing that I sew on is Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks. 
But, just to prove that, once in a while, I have something else to show for my labor, here are three little wheel chair lap quilts that I recently finished.
 The first two were made from blocks found in my "Spare Parts Drawer" other words, leftovers from other projects. The pastel quilt is a leader/ender project. Instead of adding traditional bindings, this time I folded over the backings and topstitched them down to the fronts. It made for a quick and easy finish to these small projects.
 The quilts went with my son to Nepal last week to be donated to a hospital that he visits there. The sizes are sort of an experiment so I'm anxious to hear how well they were received. I'd like to make more to send the next time he visits.
 Little Lois, who was born 7 weeks early last fall, is growing like a weed! 
I had the privilege of getting to babysit her for the first time last week. 
It was a special day for me and she even wore her pink flamingo outfit in my honor!
 For the last, going on four years, my husband has been wanting to get another golden retriever. Our last one had to be put to sleep following some illnesses and  I've been holding out. On Thursday, Mr. Lollyquiltz brought home this cutie:
 Five month old Ginger.
The puppy was free to a good home because the owners were gone too much to give her the attention she needed. My husband is ecstatic. I'm working on it.  
Our cat is in therapy.
 These two sweeties spent the night with Lolly on Saturday night . My job was to deliver them to church on Sunday morning looking cute. So what's a crafty grandmother to do...
 when she has several hand smocked dresses hanging in the closet that would fit the girls perfectly? She would take the opportunity, while it was available, and dress the girls in clothes that she had made for their mommy at their ages, of course!
Sorry, mommy.
And last, but not least, if you recognize this guy, he apparently is looking for you!
My hubby found him along the road while on his morning jog Saturday.
(I love the spelling, don't you.)
Whatsup with you?


  1. Your quilts are lovely, but the granddaughters are adorable!!!
    Good luck with the puppy. I'll just bet you love him after a little while. He looks sweet.
    The tortoise, well, how funny! Hope the owner finds him! Some little boy or girl is probably crying and hoping he comes home.

  2. Love the quilts and the adorable Grandkids! That tortoise is brilliant!!

  3. Well not nearly as much as whats up with you- whew! YOu have girls and turtles and puppy dog tails! Your grandchildren are just precious! The pup is sweet :)

  4. The little girls in their smocked dresses are so cute! And the golden retriever is a beauty! The little quilts were well received, I expect! you make me tied looking at what's been going on in your corner of the world!

  5. Wow a new puppy and all of these beautiful girls in their little smocked dresses-so cute. I love the quilts too, what size did you make them because I think that is such a good idea. I am doing a baby quilt right now but babysitting my grandson Jonah three days a week is what really keeps me busy. He is five and blind but such a busy little guy he keeps Grammy hopping.

  6. Those grandbabies are adorable dressed in their mother's clothes!
    Not our turtle. We helped the grandson write on one earlier this week, but his was with a magic marker! His 3 year old sister laughed the entire time he was writing!
    Happy Sewing

  7. The quilts will be loved and appreciated.
    The granddaughters look adorable! How cute. My DIL didn't appreciate it when I did something similar to that, she considered the clothing too dowdy and old fashioned...argh!!
    Love the pup, Ginger is just darling and I even love her name! She's going to worm her way right into your heart, you know, might as well break down and love her fast!
    Poor tortie, looks like he's lost! We see lots of them here in Arizona and I've never seen writing on one!
    My kids had one when they were little, Max. Gosh, I don't remember what happened to him, I guess we gave him away at some point.

  8. Where to start with all the cuteness!! I guess I would have to say your grandchildren steal the show!! So adorable! Your quilts are wonderful and I love that they are going somewhere to be loved.

  9. I am often given the same charge of delivering grandpeeps to church looking clean, well pressed and ultimately fabulous...MY state of "being' is seriously in question however...How did I do this with 3 children every week and get myself anywhere completely dressed??? Raising children is definitely for the Young! I have to go home after church and nap...I can barely eat my lunch before crashing! Your little grandpeep princesses are adorable! Great job on those dresses Grandmama!
    Gmama Jane

  10. You're having a lot of fun, I can tell! Good for you to have made those darling quilts that are off to Nepal. Lois is a doll, and how nice for you to watch a baby again. I bet you nuzzled that flamingo a lot! And those two little girls in their smocked dresses are as adorable as can be. What beautiful outfits you made, Carla. I'm envious of your chance to see someone wearing them again. They're perfect on your girls. It's good to see pictures of Ginger too. She's a beauty. But believe me, I know the obligation they are. You're a real trooper. So is the cat.

  11. Those are beautiful lap robes!

    Amanda Rose

  12. They do, indeed, look very cute. Was mommy pleased?