Thursday, May 17, 2012

The City Mouse Meets the Country Mouse

It's an exciting week here, for the Country Mouse. She is finally meeting the City Mouse! In person. She's no longer an invisible friend, who only seems real through blogging and emails. The City Mouse is truly a real live girl. And a super nice one, to boot! Some might even think they look like sisters!
 The City Mouse brought along some of her Farmer's Wive Sampler Blocks to hang out with the Country FW blocks. They seemed to play well together!
 Yes, Cindy came to Kansas City to meet me and to participate in all of the quilting festivities going on here this week! We hit the ground running today, hitting four quilt shops before ending up at the Machine Quilter's Showcase where KC Modern Quilt Guild had a special display of our Kandinsky Challenge Quilts.
 Cindy raved about how great they were. (What else could she say?!)
 My Janie Sue quilt was entered by Mindy Peterson, the quilter. It was so fun to see it hanging in the show with so many beautiful quilts.
 We happened upon this pretty quilt made by another blogger friend, Linda Hungerford. It is even more beautiful in person than in her blog pictures!
The theme for the show is Under the Sea. Here are a few of my favorite entries...
 Stripe by Janet Fogg of Milwaukee, OR
 Queen of the Sea by Cathy Franks of Carmel, IN
 a close-up of some of the quilting on Queen of the Sea
 Fiesta Mexicana by Ranea Haddadin of Sandy Utah
A close up of Fiesta Mexicana
I came home with some new fabric, a new appreciation for machine quilting, a new "real live" girl (friend), and some happy memories!


  1. You look like you had the best time! Big smiles, great quilts and happy memories! Your emails and blog comments will be so much more special now!

  2. Your quilt looks wonderful hanging. Sounds like a perfect day!

  3. My goodness, that looks like fun!

  4. It's so much fun to meet fellow bloggers face to face! The quilts are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us! You did a great job on yours!

  5. Yay! There you are, together! Have a wonderful time!!

  6. These are beautiful! My small town's local quilt shop from NY is there this week, too!

    Amanda Rose

  7. Hooray for bloggy friends meeting in real life!

  8. Oh how fun!! Wish I could have joined you! The quilts look wonderful

  9. Really glad you two got to hang out!

  10. SO (SEW!!!!) much fun. I had the best time. Seemed like we had known each other for a really long time.

  11. I am so glad you and Cindy met face to face! I am sure that was so much fun! I love your challenge is amazing!