Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--Sharing His Work, Pleasures and Problems

Welcome to this week's post about a 1920's Farmer's Wife letter and the sampler blocks included. As a reminder, the letters were written in response to the question, "Would you want your daughter to marry a farmer?" Cindy and I began blogging about and making the 111 sampler blocks last June. I counted today and we only have 19 more of the 6" blocks  and 7 more letters to go! Yay, a light at the end of the tunnel!
 Today's wife hales from Pocahontas County, Iowa. She, like many before her, would be happy if her daughter marries a farmer and, in fact, thinks that, "she will have the best opportunity for ideal companionship. She can be his helpmate in every sense of the word, sharing his work, pleasures and problems, and justly earning a share of credit for his accomplishment."
 Friendship Star is the name of this first block. Mrs. Farmer knows from experience that "true friends" are easy to find in the country life. "Lack of wealth will not restrict them, nor lack of "style" prevent their social success." I've always liked this easy-to-make simple  star. 
 I see and hear lots of wild geese flying overhead here in Missouri. I"m thinking that the Iowa farm wife must have had the same experience. This block, called Wild Geese, was a bit more time  consuming to make with it's 32 little pieces but,  happily, it went together  quite easily. It's a bit busy looking with 5 fabrics in such a small block...
 For the first time that I recall, the subject of politics was mentioned in this letter. "More and more, the farmers of this country are acquiring prominence in adjusting the affairs of the nation and of the world. National leaders are discovering that the farmer, with his problems and attainments, is one of the most vital cogs in the wheels of state."
My husband and I could only think of two farmers who have become a U.S. President: Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter. Can you think of any others? 


  1. I'm no help on the American President's question, but I love the Friendship Star! The background fabric is SO sweet!

  2. Both gorgeous!! I love that you used so many fabrics in Wild Geese, it works so well :)

  3. Carla, I ordered my own Farmer's Wife Quilt book this morning! Hopefully I can join in for this Friday.
    Thank you for the inspiraiton.

    Amanda Rose

  4. That friendship star is great, I can't wait to see this put together.

  5. Wow! Great fabrics! I am itching to see them all together!

  6. Your blocks are just so beautiful--I especially like all the variety in the Wild Geese block.

  7. James Garfield had a farm in Ohio while he was a Senator and President, so I guess farming wasn't his primary career.

  8. I know nothing of US presidents but we did have an Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, who was a grazier (sheep rancher).