Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Belated Farmer's Wife--A Vote for the Country

I finally got last week's Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks sewn up... gotta keep up with Cindy (Hers were beautiful, as always). Right off the top, I'm going to admit to not being happy with my first block. Thinking that paper-piecing would get me the best result my not have been the best option...wish I had just used the templates instead. Can you say inset seams? This seems to happen to me quite often, actually. My block also turned out about 1/2inch too small (I trimmed something that I shouldn't have apparently.)....but, since I have several hours minutes invested in it, I'm just going to fix that when I add the sashing. sigh. Here it is...
Flower Garden Path-Block #36
Today's Mrs. Farmer is from Marion County, Kansas. Although I did not find her letter to be especially inspiring, there were a couple of interesting things about her that I don't remember reading in any other letters. One was her hoping that, "the privacy and seclusion will appeal to my daughter as strongly as it does to me." She likes not "attracting the attention of neighbors."  The other thing was mentioning not wanting to be seen in public while expecting. "When the little ones are coming, timidity about seeing people does not keep the farm mother from walks in the fresh air and, at the last, the stork's arrival is not a neighborhood affair." My how things have changed!
 Wild Rose & Square--Block #106
Perhaps her walks led her along country roads where she saw many flower gardens and wild roses. Here are my two blocks can clearly see the error in size. I sure don't think that I'll be making block #36 again anytime soon!
See you Friday for another chapter and some easier blocks! Yay!


  1. Oh, what a b*#€+!r!!!! The blocks are very pretty though!

  2. Your blocks are cute! You had set-in seams with the blue one? I don't think I constructed mine with set-in seams. But I didn't like the block anyway. You'll notice that it was in the group of "don't like--wouldn't make again if you paid me." Although maybe with different fabric?

  3. My 78 year old mother disapproves of tight clothes over pregnant bodies. She thinks we should return to acres of fabric in tent like dresses. I say, show off the bump but be discreet and modest - but I think that applies to every girl / woman no matter what stage of life!