Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hand Quilting

I used to do some hand quilting.
It's not my favorite thing about making a quilt.
That's why I almost exclusively machine quilt every thing I make!
Today, in my sewing room simplification, I ran across this....
 If you've followed Lollyquiltz for long,
you have probably noticed that besides not being a hand-quilter,
I also seldom do any hand applique. 
Here's proof that I can do both, if I'm so inclined!
All of the appliques are outlined, it just needs a little more quilting in the background.
I have no idea what year I started this quilt, but since I still like the folk art style, I think that I might make it a goal to finish it in 2012. 
Maybe if I say that publicly, it will do it!!
 I've also been going through my quilting books, weeding out ones 
that I know I'll never use. Here's the stack that I have left!
Whew, I do like a good quilting book, I'll say that!!
 Here's the stack that I weeded out...not quite as tall as the keeper stack,
but still, a bunch of books!
 If you see a title in this picture that interests you and that you think
you would like, let me know. 
****edited: The 3 books have been spoken for! 
I'll send a book to the first three people who ask!
(I'd love to do more, but with postage so high, I really can't. 
I better limit it to USA, also, for the same reason.)
It was fun reading all of your guesses for my least-favorite-color.
I love color, and really, any hue can look good in the right combination, I think,
that's why I didn't say "the color I can't stand!"
Heidi, your cowboy fabric is on it's way...and there's not a trace of magenta in it!

P.S. My daughter is having a great give-away on her blog, Homemade Ginger,
 this week if anyone is interested in "saving money"! LOL
You can find it here.


  1. I'd love the Thimbleberry Quilts books

  2. So funny, I was just thinking I need to organize my quilting books and magazines today. I have quite the stack too! I sent my extras to the Good Will for someone else to enjoy. I would like to be able to applique and hand quilt someday!! What a great quilt you have started, looks lovely!!

  3. Oh, oh, oh! What a great quilt to be hand quilting. I hope you get it done soon. It has such a good folk art look.

  4. Congrats on being able to let some books go! I'm a total book lover. I'd love to have Quilts from the Quiltmaker's Gift!

  5. Quilters Complete Guide!! How awesome is your collection. I have like three books :)Awesome hand applique and great pattern. I am thinking that I need to check out some more folk art.

  6. I have a few of those books myself. Quilter's Complete Guide was my very first quilt book!

  7. I made the same wall quilt many moons ago! It really is a sweet little project!

  8. Love your quilt! Keep going! It will be wonderful to have it finished!


  10. Ahh, the many sides to Miss Carla. Who would have guessed you'd like hand applique, hand quilting, AND folk art!? Not me! Good for you to want to finish it. I enjoy hand quilting myself, but having done it for several years. I'm smiling at your book stack. Believe it or not, my giveaway stack is bigger - 67 books, at last count. It's not impulsiveness or hoarding, right? Let's just chalk it up to being very knowledgeable and experienced quilters.

  11. What a beautiful quilt. When you go to the post office, ask about 'media mail' or 'book rate' I don't know if they still do it or not, but they used to have special cheaper rate when you sent books. It takes a few days longer than first class, but it saves $.

  12. A great blog and I just love this little folk art quilt - hugs _ Lurline♥

  13. Oh my golly gosh!!! I have that same quilt all done up and hand quilted!!! It used to hang on a wall in my house! That is soooo funny.

  14. I think I have every single one of those books in your stack. Or used to....

    And I'm going through my pile of books today to destash, along with some fabric.

  15. I love the folk art quilt - you have to promise me you'll finish it. It is too pretty to languish in a drawer. Great job cleaning out - I need to do that too!!

  16. What a darling applique quilt! I love all the dots :)
    SarahZ in Indiana!!!!

  17. Wow - that's a lot of quilt books! The stack of them actually looks like a sketch for a scrap quilt. Your hand work is beautiful!