Saturday, January 14, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday Part Two- Live A Successful Life

The sun had gone down by the time I finished making the last two blocks for this week's Farmer's Wife Sampler so my pictures are a strange color. Sorry about that....but, here they are and I'm pretty proud of the way they turned out. I don't even WANT to know how many hours I spent on them though!
 First up, is block #47, called Homemaker. This block is not for the faint of heart (neither is homemaking, really) even when you use foundation piecing like I did. The reason...two words: Inset Seams. Whew! Glad to have that one out of my hair!
 The second challenging block of the day weighs in with 68 pieces-- all inside a little six inch block, people!! Star Gardener, block #87, is pretty but time consuming. I doubt that many gardeners in the 1920's had time to make many of these lovelies, I'm just sayin'!
 If feels good to be caught up on my Farmer's Wife blocks and like anything else, once I got started, I found my rhythm!
See you next week for two more garden-themed blocks.  (That top green/red block kinda  looks like it ate too many Christmas cookies, doesn't it!) Bye.


  1. AS I may have already said, I take my hat off to anyone who has undertaken this project! It sure looks complicated and your blocks look fabulous.

  2. I kind of think the red and green block looks like watermelon. *smile*

  3. Congrats on getting caught up! 68 pieces in one 6" block?!? Oh me, oh my!
    I have so much respect for all you folks that are doing the Farmer's Wife blocks. You will surely be rewarded with a beautiful quilt.

  4. They're gorgeous! Inset seams and I don't get along at all. Yours are prefect! The 68 piece one - did you paper piece it?

  5. Your blocks are lovely. I haven't had to do any inset seams yet............. Great scripture for today too : )

  6. That homemaker block just about did me in...

  7. I love seeing your Farmer's Wife blocks. I was nervous about the Homemaker block but didn't have as much trouble as I was anticipating.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my Farmer's Daughter Mosaic. I also thank you for helping me cease to become a No-Reply Blogger. I didn't even know I had that title until someone pointed it out to me, and then I followed your easy directions.