Friday, January 13, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday Part One -Live a Successful Life

True confession time here....I've had a hard time being motivated to get back at making the  Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks after a short vacation from those little guys. Today was the day that Cindy and I agreed to begin our 2012 countdown...
one letter a week until we finish them all.
It's been a busy week. 
I waited till the last minute.
These are the two blocks I finished....I was supposed to make four..
sigh...stay tuned for that.
 Our letter this week is from right up the road from me in Shawnee County, Kansas.
Evening Star went together quick and easy, just as I was hoping. 
The farmer's wife would agree with me,
 as she has even more on her plate than I do!
 Her jobs of homemaker, social manager, livestock breeder, gardener, financier, bookkeeper, manufacturer, canner, nurse, teacher 
make her a real business woman.
Hmmm...sounds like a lot of women I know!
(Well, maybe not the livestock breeder.)
 I'll add the other two blocks to next week's Farmer's Wife post.
Meanwhile, I better get busy with some home-making of my own!
Let's go see the pretty blocks that Cindy made...
I bet she got all four finished!


  1. LOVE your blocks! It is fantastic the way you have cut the green centre of the star block! Happy homemaking! ;-)

  2. The red and green block reminds me of watermelons.